It is about two guys named Jack and Billy. They are undercover cops working for the FBI and there mission is to find and catch the worlds most evil villains that broke out of prison and found there way into the city.


1. breakout

It was 11:37 PM when it all happened. The worlds worst criminals broke out and found their way to the city. I did not know where they were, but they had to be found. My name is Jack and I am an undercover cop working for the FBI.

4:59 AM, Jacks hotel room.

Billy, “Jack wake up. Jack. Jack you need to get up.”

Jack, “Ugh wake me up in an hour.“

Billy, “Jack the criminals broke out and we need to find them.”

Jack, “WHAT?!”

Billy, “Ya we need to get them before it is too late.”

Jack, “When did this happen.”

Billy, “About 11:00pm last night.”

Jack, “Oh no! Who knows where they are right now.”

Billy, “I don't know, but we have to find them KNOW.”

Jack, “No really.”

Billy, “Jack this is no time to mess around.”

Jack, “I know, I know, lets go.”

3  minutes later.

Boss,” OK men here are your mission logs. Jack you're paired up with Billy. Bob you're with John. And Mike you're with Steve. Now get going.


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