I'm Alisha and this is the story of... an accident.


1. Track Meet


    Harry and I have been dating for about almost a year and a half. And right now I’m on my way to a track meet, and I was texting away to Harry. Haley and Esme were in the car behind us to come and watch the meet. It was April 10th 2014 so my sophomore year was coming to an end.

The bus soon stopped at a high school in Wichita. We all grabbed our track duffle bags that the school gave us and we got off of the bus.

“Hey Alicia” Esme said


“What events are you doing today” Haley asked

“Um… I seriously don’t know” I said

“Alisha, you are going to run the 100, 200, and will you do the 800” Coach Friess asked me


“Okay thanks”

“So it looks like I’m doing the 100, and 200 like I planned and now the 800 as well” I said

“Well good luck you’re going to need it” Haley said

“Okay well see you after the meet” I said

I turned to go warm up with my team and I looked at my phone and I didn’t get a text back from Harry, and saw the time was only about 3:00 and the track meet didn’t start until 3:30.

I stretched, and warmed up. And then after the meet started they called events after events and then around 5:10 they called for girls 100. I quickly took off my sweats and hoodie and got to the starting line.

“Come on Alicia you can do it” Esme screamed once the gun went off

“You can do it Alisha” Haley said loud

“Come on love I know you can do it” I heard the one and only voice I wanted to hear in over five months

I looked closely and close to the fence standing by Haley and Esme were the guys and that made me run faster and I easily pulled into the lead and finished in the lead.

Once my coach and team mates congratulated me I ran straight to Harry and nearly tackled him to the ground.

“I’ve missed you so much, and why didn’t you text me” I said

“Because Esme and Haley gave us directions to get here and we came to watch you” Harry said

“I love you” I said

“I love you too babe” he said before we kissed

“Just get a room already” Niall said

“Can we please have the girl 200 runners?”

“I got to go” I said

“Good luck” they all said

I got into my place and waited for the gun to go off, and when it did I took off running. I was behind two girls and that was where I finished.

Then I had to wait around forever till the 800 started. So I went to go get something to eat from the concession stand.

“What can I get you?” asked the guy

“Um… I’ll have one hot dog and a purple powerade please” I said

“That will be $3”

“Here you go” I said handing him the money

“And here is your stuff”

“Thank-you” I said

I went and sat with my team, today the entire team came so we got to take the carter bus. I was about to eat when I started to get cold so I went to go get my hoodie and sweats on.

“Yeah babe”

“What Hazza?”

“I thought you might want these back”

“You took my sweats why?”

“Because I wanted to see you before, I leave to go to your house”

“Wow, Hazza”

“Oh Harry control your girl she’s getting sassy with you” Louis said

“Hey I have an idea” Harry said


“Well do you think you’re ready”

“For that I think I am, why?”

“Well how about I go to your house and I get everything all ready and romantic” Harry said with his little grin

“Okay see you when I get home” I said

He pulled me into a kiss and then walked off by himself the other guys were staying.

“Hey coach wants you” Tyler said coming up to me


I followed him to both of the coaches.

“Okay Alisha, instead of running the 800 will you run the 400 meter dash” Friess asked me

“Sure, when does it start?”

“Um… right now”

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