I'm Alisha and this is the story of... an accident.


3. Concert??

Once everyone was seated Rodger (our bus driver) started to drive. Then we were pulling into McDonald’s parking lot.

“Come on let’s go eat” Tyler said

“No you go I’m not hungry”

“You need to eat”

“I said I’m not hungry”

“I don’t care you need to eat”

“Just flipping go!” I said

“Fine whatever”

Then about ten minutes Tyler came and sat down and handed me a bag, and inside was ten piece chicken meals, medium fries, two apple pies, and in his hand was two small fruit punches.


“You’re welcome but you’re sharing”

“Okay fair enough”

Tyler’s POV

Alisha fell asleep with her head on my shoulder. When we got back into town I drove her home and when I got home I turned the news on.

“One Direction band member Harry Styles died today leaving girlfriend Alisha Barnett’s track met to head to her house for what reports say a very special night, but all changed when something causes Harry to roll his car twice and was rushed to Kansas Weslyn Hospital where he had died fans all over are sending their love to the gone band member.”

I couldn’t believe this happened.

Alisha’s POV (mine)

When I got into the door and went to my room and turned the light on there were candles out, so I went to my fridge to bet something to drink and there was a plate of chocolate covered strawberries.

I couldn’t believe this is happening to me, why me and all the other fans why, what did we do to deserve this. Then I got a text from Louis ‘Come to our concert in Kansas City? Plz’

‘Okay Louis only because, I don’t want to be home’

‘K its tomorrow at 7:30pm’

‘Got it, do I still get in free, cuz I have no money’

‘Yes you always will cuz you were Harry’s last girlfriend’

‘K night Lou’

‘Goodnight babe don’t let the bed bugs bite’

‘Very funny Lou see you tomorrow’

I fell asleep on my couch watching my videos that are of me, Haz and the lads.

When I woke up in the morning I got ready in my grey Ramones tank top, my jean short shorts and my white converse and grabbed something to eat and started to drive to KC. I got there around 7:05.

They let me in and I sat in the very front row with Eleanor, Danielle and Perrie. They started to sing More Than This, and when it got to Harry’s solo Niall sang it, and the tears just started coming down.

“Okay, hey fans” Niall said after the song

“We now you guys miss Haz so do we, and most of all we are so sorry Alisha, this next song is for you Harry where ever you are” Liam said

And they started to sing Torn and then they sand Truly Madly Deeply. Before i knew it i was running out of the stadium, with tears streaming down my face.

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