Don't Cry, My Sweet Fallen Angel

Sapphire Jade has been living with her best friend Ryder ever since she can remember. All her memories are of them growing up together. But what happens when she finally realizes the truth? What happens when she finds out Ryder's not what she seems?


1. Prologue

"Waaah! Waaaah!"

A baby girl, carried harshly in the arms of her mother, towards a skip. The mother stops, with the baby dangling down the entrance of the dumpster.

"You. You are the one who put so much misery in my life. You drove him away, you made everyone hate me! And now, you're worthless." she says, with fury in her eyes as she releases the baby's foot, dropping her head first into the piles of garbage. The young girl turns and walks away, no sign of sadness or remorse in her cold eyes.

In the distance, hidden from view, a teenage boy views the whole scene. Pity fills his heart, as she walks off into the distance. Once the coast is clear, he hurries towards the muffled cries, and gently rights the young child in his arms. Once the baby touches his cool skin, her cries calm down. She knows she is safe.

He walks away, the girl in his arms. His wings unfold gently as he takes the baby away from harm.

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