After Dark

I thought I'd try something new.. It's a one-shot, just something slightly different..


1. Goodnight.

Good night. 

Sleep tight. 

Don't let the bed bugs bite.

Three year old Kirsty May curls up in a tight ball as her mother's farewell wishes ring in her ears. The sheet over her is constricting, tying her down, suffocating her. She feels too hot, but if she takes anything off she'll freeze to death. Shadows dance on her wall like monsters. They dance around in circles, making shapes on the cheap whitewash. The orange streetlight outside casts an eerie glow across the room, which seemed to be shrinking and she began to grow. The monsters dance fiercely, jumping off the walls. Kirsty covers her ears in an attempt to drown out their laughter, but they only laugh louder, combining with her mother's farewell. It's a cacophony of screams and gentle whispers as their hands leap to her, pulling her from her bed. They push her roughly to the floor, and hands are on her, in places they shouldn't be. They hurt, and she cries harder than she ever had before as the monsters hurt her more than anyone had before. Her special place hurt, the place that was supposed to be hers and only hers. She tries to make a noise, and a calloused hand is placed over her mouth and nose. 

Struggling, Kirsty tries to bite the monster's hand, but she's running out of air. She makes one last struggle, one last stand, and then she's limp in the arms of the man. Not a monster, a man. He tosses her aside and leaves. 


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