The problem with being Me

Matilda learns what it's like To live on a farm how to love and how to live before its to late...


1. My brothers farm

My brothers farm is now my home, My brother Robert is 17 and my mum decided that we could live there well it wasn't Roberts farm it was my uncle todds farm but he was going to live in Australia with my aunt Victoria so we had been living here for a month when I had to start school Robert had already be going there for about a year... So when I started I only knew one girl Lara who was our cousin and my best friend as I left the house I grabbed my bag as Robert shouted at me to race him my mum was trying to say something but I am to competitive I won the race and sat on the bus next to Lara we talked the whole journey on what the school will be like as it was Laras first day to as she was home schooled her whole life





A little note ;

Hello I am Poppy and I will update the story every week hopefully thank you!!!! Xxx


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