The problem with being Me

Matilda learns what it's like To live on a farm how to love and how to live before its to late...


2. First day at school

When the bus stopped me and Lara got off and walked towards the school we went through the large metal gates I looked around in amazement all the people in school uniform grey trousers/skirt white shirt green tie green jumper and green blazer as we walked through the gates BRING the bell went me and Lara went inside I looked around when Robert came over "what lesson do you have first?"

"errmmmm, English with Mr Martin " I replied 

"Up the stairs turn left go up the corridor and go in room 15"

He left before I could say another word me an Lara found our way there we where second to a pretty girl "Hey I am Monica Lyndon sit next to me" she called we walked over and sat down next to her "have you been here before?" Lara asked 

"this is my second year in this class I don't do well in tests what are your names?" she asked 

"My name is Matilda and this is Lara" we got on really well with Monica we talked all lesson then we went to Art that was good but then lunch time came I had left my money at home I bet Robert had some i walked towards him and his mates "Robert " I called when one of his friends put his arm around my shoulder I looked at he was quite hot "Hey this is my Bff Matilda!" he laughed "Hey who the heck are you!" I said kinda creeped out. " My name is Jake Jones" he replied I was looking into his big brown eyes " what do you want " Robert shouted "do you have any money i left mine at home " I whispered trying not to be noticed Jake he slipped a fiver into my hand I went bought and ate lunch with Lara the rest of the day went pretty quickly then I got home and got dressed into a pair of jeans and a "the beatles" T-shirt.



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