Letter From the Supernatural

One Direction fan fiction-

15 year old girl Amelia finds out she's not at all who she thought she was. She gets sent to Hogwarts, school for wizards and witches. On her way, she meets 5 older boys by the names of Louis, Liam, Zayn, Niall and Harry. Friendship over life? Or Life over friendship?

I won't be posting daily, this story is just for fun. It like something I can just relax and write away in.


3. Sharing a cabin

I hadn't dare talk to my mum on the ride to wherever we was going. I didn't want to know where we was going. Leaving all my friends behind and moving on. I don't want to move on though, I wanted to stay put. The fact that she didn't even tell me that we was leaving. What was happening with the house? Our car? Everything else? I doubt she could of packed everything in less then a day. The rain started pouring down. Damn you England. We was outside the train station. Oh great, about 3 hours sat down with complete strangers. How fun will this be. I put my hood up and got out the car, my mum was already bringing out suitcases. Or, just one suitcase. Maybe we wasn't leaving? If that's all she's going to pack, might just be visiting family or something. A little smile came out the corner of my mouth. We both hurried inside, I pulled my hood down. My mum gave the suitcase to me. 


"Ok, darling. I'm really sorry that this is happening so soon. Here's your ticket. Just read the details and you'll find your way. I'll miss you," she hugged me for a few seconds. "What? Wait, what do you mean by all that? Where am I going? By myself! I'm 15 mum, you can't leave me and send me away like that!" I looked at the crowed station and back to find that my mum had left me. That woman is so confusing. Sending me away to an unknown place, how satisfying. Well, I can't try and find her, this place might be fun. It's like running away I guess. I'd better go and find this train to catch.


I read the platform number. Platform 9 3/4. Wait, that makes no sense. Three quarters? Whats that supposed to mean? Oh well, I'll just find platform 9. It'll be somewhere there. Only a few minutes later I found the sign. Only it was on a wall? "Excuse me!" I looked behind. I saw 2 boys running at me with their luggage. I quickly moved out their way and they went into the wall. They went into the wall. Oh my, they actually went into the wall. I placed my hands on the wall, nothing happened. "You wanting to get on platform 9 3/4?" I heard a voice coming from behind me. It was a tall man. I'm guessing about 20. He had brown eyes and short brown hair. I nodded my head to the stranger. "C'mon then, I'll help you," I wasn't thinking of running into a wall with a stranger, but he seemed to know what he was doing. "On the count to three, we'll run at the wall," I swallowed and nodded. "One, two..three!" I ran towards the wall, hoping I won't look like a fool.


I opened my eyes. I was in a completely different place. It was less crowded and busy. The train was, old fashioned. Not really the types you'd except to see going around now. I looked around me, for the man who helped me get through. I couldn't find him anywhere. Someone else who made a disappearing act on me. I found a man loading suitcases onto the train. "Excuse me sir, but could you put my luggage in there?" he looked up to me, looking irritated. I was about to walk away but he spoke, "Sure I will little one!" wasn't what i was expecting..I smiled and left my luggage for him. I got onto the train, not really knowing if I was on the right one or not. It was a lot different to the morder ones. These are more clean and posh. There was a long hallway with door on each side. I walked down until I saw an empty cabin. I came in and shut the door. They was 2 windows and 2 couches on the sides. I closed the doors, I wanted some privacy. I sat down next to the window and leaned my head on the table. This was going to be a long day.


Knock! Knock! I lifted my head up from the table. Someone was knocking on the cabin door. "Hello?" the door opened. I saw a familiar face, the guy who helped me only a while ago. "Hi again. Sorry to interrupt, but can me and my friends share this cabin with you? Theres no more empty ones," I really wanted some privacy on this journey, but he helped me get onto this train. So I couldn't reject him, "Sure," I wonder how many friends he has. In came 4 other guys. Around the same age as him. I felt uncomfortable around them, as I was only 15. The first to come in was a guy with brown hair and blue eyes. Then a guy with blonde hair and blue eyes. Not originally blonde. You couldn't see brown on the bottom of each hair he had. A brown curly haired guy came in, he had light green eyes. Lastly, a guy with black hair and brown eyes. 


He was the one who sat next to me, the one who helped me next to him. One the other side was the curly one opposite me, the blonde one, then the last one, "So, I didn't catch your name before. Mine's Liam," Liam started talking, "Amelia," "Well hey Amelia. This is Harry, Niall, Louis and Zayn," I repeated their names in my head so I could remember them. They all gave me a friendly smile. This may not be as bad as I thought.


Outside was dark now, and I was the only one awake. Awkward. I got to know the guys individually. I told them a bit about me back to them. Ring! I took my vibrating phone out my pocket. It was Danny. Just when I thought things couldn't get any more awkward. 

"Hello?" -Amelia

"Hey Amelia," -Danny

"Hi Danny," -Amelia

"So, I wanted to talk about..you know. What we have," -Danny

"Not to make this sound mean, but it's what we had. We're not really going to see each other again are we?" -Amelia

"Well we can? I can't imagine anything without you," -Danny

I blushed across the phone,

"I hope we do see each other again," -Danny

"Yeah, so do I Danny," -Amelia

"So, where you off to?" -Danny

"This place called Hogwarts? I really don't know much. It's late here, so I'll tell you everything later, ok?" -Amelia

"Yeah. I'm missing you. Bye," -Danny

I hung up. "Who was that?" someone spoke, I looked to my right. It was Zayn, "I thought you was asleep?!" he startled me, how long was he up for? "Trying to sleep actually. So, who's your boyfriend?" "He's not my boyfriend. He just kissed me before I left, that's it," I scowled at him. He shouldn't of been listening. "So he's your boyfriend," "Oh stop it. Go to sleep," I playfully punched him on the arm and closed my eyes to rest.

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