Letter From the Supernatural

One Direction fan fiction-

15 year old girl Amelia finds out she's not at all who she thought she was. She gets sent to Hogwarts, school for wizards and witches. On her way, she meets 5 older boys by the names of Louis, Liam, Zayn, Niall and Harry. Friendship over life? Or Life over friendship?

I won't be posting daily, this story is just for fun. It like something I can just relax and write away in.


4. Joining Slytherin

I woke up by the bright light coming from the window. It was now morning, though no one was up yet. My belly started to rumble. Why does it have to be so loud? I need some food, fast. A knock came from the other side of the cabin door, "Who is it?" an old lady opened the door. She was stood behind a trolly, "Would you like anything from the Honeydukes Sweetshop, my dear?" I smiled at her. "What is there?" Finally, something to feed my tummy. "Well we have a lot of treats here. Some are chocolate frogs, jelly slugs and Liquorice Wands. Fancy anything?" Chocolate Frogs? Jelly slugs? Where's the decent food around here? I decided to go for the most appealing sounded one. liquorice wands. "Can I have one Liquorice Wands? Wait, make that 6 please," The guys must be hungry when they'd wake up, so I got them one each. She handed me 6 wands and left, closing the door. They really did feel hard. How can they be liquorice? Maybe that wasn't my brightest idea. 


I took a slow bite of the wand. It wasn't to my liking, but not too bad. It was chewy and slimy. Niall's nose started twitching, "Food? Sweets? I'm up!" his eyes were wide open, "Here Niall. Try one, Liquorice Wand," I picked one up from the table and handed it to him. He looked at it, confused. "You eat it?" I nodded my head. He bit a mouthful of it and approved. Once Niall was awake, all the guys started to open their eyes.


By now, we were munching on our goods. Except for me and Zayn, "Why aren't you having any?" I asked him curiously.  "It's not what I'd like to eat. You?" "Me neither. That stuff is nasty," we laughed, "Can I have them?" a voice interrupted our conversation"Sure Niall," Zayn threw our wands to Niall, who caught them and started taking bites out of them both. The guys were not really guys. They acted like young teenage boys. Nothing at all manly about how they acted around each other. It was cute though,  "How long have you guys known each for?" "About 3 years now," Liam answered. Well that's why they can be so relaxed around each other. 




In less than 2 hours, we arrived infront of Hogwarts. I found out it was a school. My mum sent me to a school, oh great.  "Welcome to Hogwarts! The school for Wizards and Witches!" Wizards. Witches. The things with green long noses and big black eyes? The evil smile and laughter? Nope, no. This can't be happening. 


We were all in a small room and have been told that we have to wait for the 'Sorting Ceremony'. Most complicated school I've been to, but it was different anyways. School for Witches and Wizards, just the thought of me being a witch. Not good. People's name started being called out. A hat was placed on their head. Which chooses your house. They were four houses. Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin. Luckily for the guys, they were all chosen to be in Gryffindor together. It would be great if i was too, I'd know some one then.


"Amelia Watson," My name was called out. I came to the front of the room, where they placed the hat on my head. "You, Amelia. Kind and friendly, loved and selfless. You are in.." the longest seconds of my life, "That can't be, no. There must be a mistake. You cannot be in Slytherin," I looked up to the man who said that. For what I've seen, Slytherin was filled with evil strong wizards and witches. All with cruel traits. I didn't want to join them, "Amelia is in Slytherin," another man spoke. He had long black hair and a pale face. "No we have to-" "She's in Slytherin!" his hand opened out towards me, a blue ball came out, coming closer. 


I woke up in the arms of, Danny. "Danny?" I sat up and gave him a hug, only just realising that we were still in Hogwarts. "I'm sorry, you'll have to be in Slytherin for the time being,"on the other side of me was the old man from before. He stood up, behind him was one of the Slytherin girls. She had almost purple eyes, red hair and a nose piercing. She didn't look friendly, and her smile wasn't even a smile. It was like a look of evil, of death. Her hand was out, I took it and stood up. Everyone was silent, with their eyes fixed on me. We walked to the Slytherin table and sat down. Me in Slytherin? Danny here? Wait, was I dreaming that part? I looked at the opposite side of the room. On the Gryffindor table. No mistake. There he was, sat next to Zayn.

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