Letter From the Supernatural

One Direction fan fiction-

15 year old girl Amelia finds out she's not at all who she thought she was. She gets sent to Hogwarts, school for wizards and witches. On her way, she meets 5 older boys by the names of Louis, Liam, Zayn, Niall and Harry. Friendship over life? Or Life over friendship?

I won't be posting daily, this story is just for fun. It like something I can just relax and write away in.


7. First Day 2

A/N-You seriously don't know how much I do for you guys. I spent 4 hours today watching only the first Harry Potter movie for the plot. The movie is only a bit more than an hour and a half but I spent 4 hours pausing and rewinding to get my notes exactly correct. I want to know if you read because it's slightly a fan fiction or because y'all Harry Potter fans;) Anyways, I hope you like it!(:


The second class went by as quick as a bullet. Terence was still embarrassed by what happend in the first lesson but at least he wasn't ignoring me completely. It was lunch time and we was sat talking next to each other at the table. I'm so glad I have someone to talk to now. Especially in Slytherin. Out of the blue owls followed by owls flew inside the hall. Dropping down parcels and mail. One was coming down above me, I reached above to catch it but with my clumsiness I hit my elbow on someone next to me. The parcel landed in my hands but I placed it on the table and turned the other way to say sorry, "Sorry.." I was hoping I wouldn't get shouted at by one, but instead the person just smiled and said "It's fine, Blaise," it was a boy. He had fairly dark skin and big brown eyes. "Er, Amelia,"




The next lesson was flying. Yep, flying into the clear blue sky. I've been waiting for this all day! We was in the fields lined up in two rows, facing each other. We had our broomsticks with us as well. "Good afternoon," "Good afternoon Madam Hooch," everyone said in sync. "Ok, everyone stand on the left side on your broomstick. Put your right hand over it and say 'up'" Terence's went straight into his hand. "Are you an expert or something?!" I rolled my eyes. "Up!!" Blaise's broom defiantly came up..to his face that is. Terence and I laughed at him. "Oh shut up," "Up," and the broom came into my hands.


"Now mount the broom. Grip it tight, we don't want you falling off. When I blow the whistle, I want each of you to kick your feet off the ground. Hover for a moment then lean forward slightly and come back down," we all stared at the teacher waiting for the command. Her whistle blew and almost straight away a small chubby boy flew up into the air. He was wobbling side to side. "Now come back down boy!" the teacher asked, but the broom wanted something else to happen. He flew off into the fields and straight back again past a statue. the boys cloak caught onto the statue and the broom whizzed off. 


The cloak slowly teared apart, dropping the boy from one statue to another. Yet again, he fell from that one and onto the floor. I covered my mouth in sympathy for the boy. The teacher rushed over,"Broken risk. I will take him to the hospital. If I see any brooms in the air, you will be gone from Hogwarts before you can say Quidditch," she said before walking away with the boy.


A blonde boy picked up a clear glass ball. "You see his face? Maybe if the fat lump have given this a squeeze, he could of falled on his fat ass!" most of the class laughed, but I was disgusted by what he was saying about another wizard. i could see that Terence was as well.  "Give it here, Malfoy." Terence stood up to Malfoy behind his back. Malfoy turned around and said, "Well you better get it then Higgs." Malfoy flew into the air with the ball in his hands. "Terence, no way. You heard what Miss had said. Besides, you don't even know how to fly," I said too soon. Terence was soon also in the air. Malfoy threw the ball into the distance and Terence went after it. "What an idiot," I muttered under my breath.


He nearly flew straight into a window but caught the ball just in time. He and Malfoy came back down and people applauded Terence but I just stood there annoyed that he didn't listen. Then appeared Professor McGonagall, I could of guessed that someone would've spotted them. "Terence Higgs, please come with me,"


Terence's POV:


I walked along side Professor McGonagall now regretting not listening to Amelia. We stopped outside a class and she stood at the door. "Excuse me Professor Quirrell, please can I have Wood," "Well of course," an older boy came outside and he was also in Slytherin. "Oliver Wood, this is Harry Potter," I wonder why she would need to introduce me to him. This wasn't my idea of a punishment. "I have found you a seeker,"




"Wow, I can't believe you are the new Slytherin Quidditch seeker! Your like the youngest seeker in the-" "In the century" Amelia had been praising me since I've told her the news. "But what if I go wrong?" "You won't go wrong Terence," Amelia said. We was joined by Blaise, "She right, you won't go wrong. It's in your blood,"


We stood infront of the trophy cabinate and I could see my dad's name carved onto a trophy. "Wow, you never told us your dad was a Quidditch player too," Amelia said even more amazed then I was. We decided to go back to our common room, but whilst we was walking on the stairs, the stairs un-connected itself and joined onto another. "Let's go this way round then," we walked up the remaining steps and walked through a large door none of us have yet been through. "We are not supposed to be in here," Amelia whispered, but even a little whisper made an echo. "The third floor is forbidden" Blaise reminded us. We looked behind us and saw the caretakers cat. It had red bloodshot eyes. "Run!"


We was running through the hall and at the end was a door, "Through that door!" I said but as we approached it and attempted to go through, it was locked. Blaise pushed through and got his wand out, "Alohomora!" the door clicked and he opened the door for us to go inside. I closed the door quickly and turned to look at Amelia. She was staring at something, and so was Blaise. I looked to their direction and saw a huge beast. It was a giant dog with three heads. 




"Didn't you see what it was standing on?" Blaise said walking up the stairs to our dorms. "I wasn't looking at it's feet! I was pre-occupied with it's head, or three!" Amelia snapped. "It was standing on a trapped door, which means it wasn't there by accident. It guarding something, yep that's right." Blaise said. "Ok, well. If you don't mind, I'm going to bed before you two come up with another clever idea to get us killed, or worse, expelled!" Amelia said going into her room.




I carried the box out with Oliver. "Quidditch is easy enough to understand. Each team had 7 players. 3 chasers, 2 beaters, one keeper and a seeker," he opened the box to reveal 3 balls.  He showed me the first and I handed it back. "Here, you should have this," Oliver handed me a bat and suddenly a ball flew out of the box into the sky. it came back down and I whacked it in short notice. It went through the arms of a statue and back. Oliver tackled in on the ground and locked it back in the box.


"What was that?!" "Nasty little buggers, but your a seeker. You only worry about this," Oliver took out a little golden ball. "The golden snitch," he gave it to me and I held it up in the sky. It was a beauty. "You might like it now, but you wait and see. It's very fast and you won't be able to see it. You catch it before the other teams seekers. If you do, we win," Wings grew on both sides on it and it flew off in the air. The golden snitch.

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