A boy called Kyle killed Nicole's boyfriend when she was 15 but she wants to know why??


1. Once again

Nicole's P.O.V


I was on top of this 7 storey building once again. I was hoping this time Kyle wouldn't come and save me once again. Just as I was about to jump I felt an arm wrap around my waist. I looked behind me and of course it was Kyle. He had killed my boyfriend Sam when I was 15. We were best friends so I couldn't understand why he did it. My life was a misery after that. I got depressed and started cutting myself. It got rid of the pain for a little while but then I started to try and pull myself together and get some friends and a boyfriend before Kyle got out of jail and I got depressed again. I tried my hardest to be a normal nice teenager but no one would accept me so that when I became suicidal. Since my first attempt of suicide Kyle has saved me. I couldn't understand why.

"WHY??" I yelled at him. "WHY WON'T YOU LET ME DIE, YOU ARE THE ONE WHO MADE ME DO THIS SO WHY ARE YOU SAVING ME??" With that I burst out crying.

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