A boy called Kyle killed Nicole's boyfriend when she was 15 but she wants to know why??


4. kidnapped


Nicole's P.O.V


I hated it when people stuttered. Kyle was still standing there stuttering. I decided now was my chance, I ran over to the edge of the building and jumped. I'm doing it I thought but then I felt strong arms wrap around me. I felt safe in his arms I wanted to stay like that forever but I snapped out of that thought I couldn't be falling for the one who murdered my boyfriend, maybe we could of got together before that but not now. I was so pissed, I just wanted to know why he kept saving me.


Kyle's P.O.V


As I stood stuttering looking for an excuse to tell her, She broke into a sprint and ran to the edge of the building, I stood in utter shock for a moment until I ran to her just as she jumped. I luckily caught her. I was pissed, why couldn't she understand that I wasn't letting her die, she was the one I loved.

In a cold tone I said to her " You are coming with me" With that I picked her up and dragged her to my car. She kicked and punched trying to get out of my grip, but I was too strong. " YOU CAN'T KIDNAP ME" She screamed. While shoving her in my car I replied " Sweetheart, I just did"



Sorry I haven't updated I have been studying. Tell me what you think. Thanks, Love you's. xx

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