A boy called Kyle killed Nicole's boyfriend when she was 15 but she wants to know why??


2. Do I Tell


Kyle's P.O.V



I hated to see her cry. I loved her since we first met and I never did stop loving her, but when she started going out with Sam I got so jealous and when I found out he was cheating on her I was furious. He didn't deserve a great girl like her. I decided to threaten him. We were in my house I had a knife to scare him. I told him to break up with Nicole or I would kill him. I would never want to kill someone of course but Nicole decided to come in at the wrong time. She was about to say something but when she saw Sam and me with a knife she started screaming and made me jump. I tripped and the knife went into his chest. I was so shocked I ran off and left her to tend to Sam by herself. I have never forgiven myself. I didn't know how to tell Nicole this.


"Ermmmmm.......Ummmm" I stuttered trying to answer.

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