Adoption ~ Completed

hi I'm Tee. don't laugh at my name. i was given it i didn't have a choice. my mother died while giving birth i was put in an orphanage as my dad didn't want anything to do with me. i was the troublemaker in the orphanage. it was an orphanage for girls. i'll never forget the day i got adopted. i was adopted by five boys when i was 12. i'm sixteen now. i play guitar for my legal guardians band and my boyfriend plays the drums. here's my life


7. Tee's P.O.V

Tee's P.O.V: when I heard that Jason had been released with no charges. I screamed. He frickin raped me and tried to kill me, then he tries to kidnap me. How can he be released after he has done all that to me. I almost committed suicide. He ruined my life and he gets away with it while I'm stuck in care. I went mad. I broke everything in sight and just collapsed in the bathroom and cried until I fell asleep. When I woke up I was lying beside the bath with a large cut on my arm and my knuckles were bruised and cut. I wiped my eyes and went into my room. It had been destroyed. I'm suck an idiot. I trashed everything I owned. Except for my guitar it was in the same place as it was on my first day here. I picked it up and sat on my bed and played it. I heard a sniff from outside my door. I got up to check what it was. I opened it and Harry fell back onto me. He was fast asleep. Bless him. I knelt down and shook him awake. “i was asleep,” he moaned.

“i know but I didn't think the floor was very comfortable,” I replied.

“are you ok,” he asked me. I nodded and stood up. He stood up and followed me into my room.

“wow,” he said. I looked around there was glass shards everywhere. I looked down and sat on the bed.

“we all know what he did to you,” he said. He sat down beside me and I rested my head on his shoulder. I sniffed and he put his arm around me. “you'll be ok,” he said and rubbed my back.

“I'm hungry,” I announced. He just laughed and took me downstairs. I sat down and he handed me some orange juice and some toast.

“YOUR UP!!” I turned around and saw Niall running towards me.

“your arm,” this time it was Zayn. I looked down at my arm and looked at the cut. It was still bleeding. I shrugged and carried on eating my toast.

“your hand,” it was Niall. My knuckles were pretty beaten up. The skin was raw and it stung. I winced and sighed. Niall got a bandage and wrapped it round them. Zayn cleaned my arm and wrapped a bandage around it. “come on,” Niall said and dragged me upstairs. He dragged me to a bedroom and opened the door and there was Louis fast asleep on the bed. Niall jumped on top of him. He groaned and opened his eyes. He saw me and ran forward and pulled me into a hug.

“don't you ever do that again,” he said. I nodded and hugged him back.

“you scared me to death,” he said and sat down and pulled me onto his lap. He nestled his face into my hair and I turned so my head was in his chest, Liam came in and dived into us and we ended up having a pile on, on the bed. “good times good times,” I said. They all laughed and we all went downstairs. I went to the fridge to get some ice cream (don't judge me) I saw a sticky note on the fridge. 'therapist 11am' it was now 10:30. “LIAM,” I shouted.

“YEAH,” he replied


“CRAP,” he said and ran upstairs to get dressed.

“all my stuff's ruined,” I said.

“follow me,” Niall said and took me up to his room. He chucked a checked shirt and a pair of Jeans at me.

“These are way too big,” I said.

“just put them on,” he said. I put them on and I was right they were way too big. I rolled up the sleeves and put a belt on the jeans. I put on a pair of old trainers and I was ready. “we'll go shopping tomorrow before you start school,” he said

“lucky me,” I said and went downstairs. I hated Therapy.


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