Adoption ~ Completed

hi I'm Tee. don't laugh at my name. i was given it i didn't have a choice. my mother died while giving birth i was put in an orphanage as my dad didn't want anything to do with me. i was the troublemaker in the orphanage. it was an orphanage for girls. i'll never forget the day i got adopted. i was adopted by five boys when i was 12. i'm sixteen now. i play guitar for my legal guardians band and my boyfriend plays the drums. here's my life


15. Loving the boys

Beau's P.O.V: I've known Tee for three weeks now. we're really close. i think i fancy her. i like the boys. Louis, Liam and Niall are safe. Harry's Awesome but Zayn. well we never got off to a good start. i hope Tee likes me like i love her. not just as friends.

Tee's P.O.V: I really like Beau. not just as friends. i want to be more than that. The boys really like him. except for Zayn but i don't treat him any differently for it. i still love them all loads. i really want to ask out Beau, but i know Liam doesn't want me to. i am only 10. argh i don't know how to ask him

Liam's P.O.V: I like Beau. he's alright. i can tell he likes Tee and that she likes him. i just don't want him to hurt her. she's only ten. to be honest she's too young for a relationship. or boys. she's like my little sister and well i am her legal guardian. everything is in her interest. i'm only doing whats best.

Zayn's P.O.V: I haven't got anything against Beau. he's just a trouble maker and he's a bad influence. it's her choice who her friends are, but i've heard about the brooks. they mean trouble. apparently Beau gets all the girls. i don't want her to be just another girl to him. i don't want her to get hurt.

Niall's P.O.V: Beau's safe. i can tell him and Tee like each other. they'd be cute together. i don't want her to get hurt. i don't understand whats up with Zayn. when ever Beau comes over he is always giving him dirty looks and once i saw him trip him up.

Louis's P.O.V: aww Tee and Beau would be so cute together. i need to set them up. Zayn's being an idiot. he's been so horrible to Beau. Tee can choose her own friends. it's her life not his

Harry's P.O.V: Beau's Awesome. Louis said he's like a mini me. i laughed at that. we're both ladies men and may i say quite good looking. lol. They would be so cute together. i can tell They both like each other and i know for a fact that Louis is trying to set them up. aww young love. i suppose Zayn's just going to have to learn to live with it.

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