Adoption ~ Completed

hi I'm Tee. don't laugh at my name. i was given it i didn't have a choice. my mother died while giving birth i was put in an orphanage as my dad didn't want anything to do with me. i was the troublemaker in the orphanage. it was an orphanage for girls. i'll never forget the day i got adopted. i was adopted by five boys when i was 12. i'm sixteen now. i play guitar for my legal guardians band and my boyfriend plays the drums. here's my life


21. It's gonna be ok

I collapsed on my bed in tears. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. "Sugar it's me," Harry said.

"it's open," I cried, he opened the door and came over to me. "Come here," he said and opened up his arms. I got up and fell into his arms. He hugged me and stroked my hair.

"why is he being like this," I asked him

"he just doesn't like Beau but hell get used to him," he said

"I just want everyone to be happy," I cried. He chuckled. 

"We will all be happy when your happy," he said I nodded,

"it's gonna be ok," he said.


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