Adoption ~ Completed

hi I'm Tee. don't laugh at my name. i was given it i didn't have a choice. my mother died while giving birth i was put in an orphanage as my dad didn't want anything to do with me. i was the troublemaker in the orphanage. it was an orphanage for girls. i'll never forget the day i got adopted. i was adopted by five boys when i was 12. i'm sixteen now. i play guitar for my legal guardians band and my boyfriend plays the drums. here's my life


10. first day of school

it was my first day at school. i hadn't been to school before. i was dead scared. "you'll be fine," Louis reassured me. i shrugged and got into the car. "I WANNA COME!!" It was Niall. i laughed and he got into the car. when we arrived i had a whole butterfly farm in my stomach. "you'll be fine," Louis said. i nodded and took a breath and got out of the car. i walked through the playground with my hands in my pockets. i had a hood over my face so people couldn't see my hair. "is it a boy or a girl," i heard someone say. i turned around and pulled the hood off. "It's a girl actually," i snapped. he laughed and stepped forward. "I'm Beau, u" he said.

"Tee," i replied and heard a snigger from behind me. i turned around and saw another boy with hair like harry. "shut up," i snapped. "ignore him, he's a retard," Beau said. "he's my brother Luke," he said. i nodded. "what class are you in?" he asked me. i shrugged my shoulders. "I'll show you the office," he said. i nodded and followed him into the school building. he lead me up to a desk with a woman behind it. "mum, this is Tee, she's new, what class is she in," he asked her.

"it's mrs brooks to you, and she's in your class, good luck honey," she said to me and handed Beau a schedule. "stick with me, you'll be fine," he said. i nodded just as the bell went. "come on you don't want to be late." he said and grabbed my arm and pulled me to first lesson. at least i had made a friend

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