Adoption ~ Completed

hi I'm Tee. don't laugh at my name. i was given it i didn't have a choice. my mother died while giving birth i was put in an orphanage as my dad didn't want anything to do with me. i was the troublemaker in the orphanage. it was an orphanage for girls. i'll never forget the day i got adopted. i was adopted by five boys when i was 12. i'm sixteen now. i play guitar for my legal guardians band and my boyfriend plays the drums. here's my life


5. Explaination

We all went to the car. When we got back Liam took Tee upstairs and put her to bed. When he came back down I walked up to him. “ok Liam whats going on, don't even bother trying to deny it I know your not telling us something.”

“alright, follow me,” he said and went into the study. He grabbed a file off the desk and passed it to me.”read it,” I opened it and saw a picture of Tee. It was her foster care file. I read it all and I gasped. “how could someone do that to her,” I exclaimed

“i know, and now she is scarred for life and has to go therapy,” he replied.

“why didn't you tell us?” I said.

“because Stella said I shouldn't, and I didn't know if Tee wanted you all to know,” he said

“can I show the others?” I asked him. He nodded and I walked out to the others and read them the file. “so that's why she won't talk,” Niall said. I nodded and sat down next to him. “but guys she spoke today,” harry said. We all looked at him. “when the boy had her she screamed for you Louis, doesn't that tell you something,” I shook my head and looked confused. “she didn't trust us, but now she does, so hopefully she'll start speaking again,” he said. “oh,” I said and smiled and we all went in for a hug.

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