The Other Woman

It's heartbreaking having to share something you love so much with someone who loves it as much as you.


1. The Other Woman

I don’t know why I do it, I really don’t. That’s a lie, I know exactly why I do it, it’s because I love him. I love him with all my heart. And he does love me back he really does! He just loves her too, His wife. I know what you’re thinking, I’m a slut, I’m a home wrecker. But I’m NOT, not really. They were going to break up when he met me, They were fighting! … They’re not anymore. The night we met in a bar we got drunk and had sex then the next day he went home prepared to leave her but he couldn’t because she was hysterically apologising. He says he doesn’t love her anymore. He says it’s just hard. They have a son you see. He can’t bring himself to leave her. He says he doesn’t love her. … But he does. I can tell because he keeps going home to her. I wish he didn’t love her but he does. Every time she calls when he’s with me he leaves. I’ve begged him not too. I wish he would stay SO much. I spend a lot of time crying now. If I’m not with him I’m usually crying. I was always content with the waiting for him to break up with her. Until recently that is. See I run a café. And a couple of days ago a lovely red headed girl came rushing in with a beautiful blonde 3 year old on her hand. She sat up on the stool and placed the boy on her lap. She ordered a coffee and a juice for the kid. I smile at the little boy. Then I noticed it. The boys eyes. MY boys eyes. I was in love with this boys father.  I just knew that was his son. He’d told me once about his son Teddy. He said he had his eyes and his blonde hair but his mothers smile. I asked politely what the boys name was. Then it happened. His name was Teddy. I was serving her. The women who stole half his time. The women I was sharing a man I loved with. The woman that was causing me all this pain. But I couldn’t show that I hated her so I treated her normally. And then the worse thing ever happened. She was the nicest person I’d ever met. We eventually got onto the topic of the boys father. And THEN the worse thing ever happened. She told me HE was always the one grovelling after a fight. He had always told me that he would break up with her soon. But that’s not true. He loves her. He wanted to have us both. I was always going to have to share him. Nothing will ever change. I had to turn away from her while I wiped a tear from my eye. Then I saw his son. I realised what damage I was doing to his son. One day that boys going to grow up and I’ll just be “The slut that stole dad”. I was hurting him and her. And although he wouldn’t stop it, I could. So that’s why I’m sitting here tonight. It’s Wednesday he usually comes to see me on Wednesday night because she thinks he works late on Wednesdays. I’m going to end it. I have to. I love him so much but this isn’t right. And it’s not fair to me. It’s not fair to use me while he gets away from his wife. I have to break my own heart, and I’m not sure I can do it. I wish there was a way he could stay. In a perfect world he would have never met her and he’ll only ever love me. But this isn’t a perfect world and I have to share him. But that won’t last long. I won’t cry anymore. I won’t have to miss him. I won’t have to live in pain and with guilt. I will be free. He will stay. With her. 

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