Mia is far too curious for her father's liking. When they move house to a mysterious place near a forest; she can't resist but to look around. But maybe the vampires in Twilight aren't the only ones who exist...


6. Vampires And Werewolves Don't Mix!

The next day, Beckii and Josh come over for lunch. They really like my house, but probably only because it is near the woods. And for them... that means food. Yes, Beckii is a vampire too. This morning I found out nearly half my high school are vampires or werewolves.


"Even some of the teachers are! You can tell because vampires have like particular smells AND when we did a project on food, Mrs Cantelwood said she was allergic to garlic and therefore had to leave Mr Ron to do it with us,"Beckii says.


You could easily say that these two have become my best friends in like... a day? I think they want to protect me because I know something really bad is going on with the werewolves/vampires thing. 


"So why did werewolves and vampires hate each other?"I ask, handing them lemonade.

"Well when the first ever werewolf and vampire came to earth, they fell out. There was a massive fight because the werewolf (who was a male) had betrayed the vampire who was female. He fell in love with her and then left her to die in a poison cave. From then, they just really hated each other and usually in the corridors, vampires mouth things like 'traitor' at werewolves and they mouth stuff like 'weak weirdos',"Josh explains.


"By the way, what is the name of the girl with black hair who like.... hates me?"I ask.

"Oh that's Violet. She hates everyone so don't take it personally. She's had a crush on Josh for ages but Josh doesn't like her because she's well... mean,"Beckii speaks.


"That reminds me. It's a full moon tonight for the werewolves and we need to hunt for food in the forest. What are we going to do? They'll just attack us!"Josh says.

"We need a distraction."

"Oh I forgot to say... what's a poison cave?"I ask meekly.

"Poison caves are like caves filled with poison but you are drawn into them because they smell so sickly sweet and it does this stuff to your brain. That's why we always check before going into a cave, because we don't wanna go into a poison cave. Most people don't make it out,"Beckii says.


"That's it!"Josh yells.

"Huh?"Beckii and I chant.

"We'll put a sign on their hide out in werewolf handwriting saying the vampires are putting up a poison cave, lets go to the East Woods tonight,"Josh suggests.

"Good idea. But will they believe us?"

"Yes. Hopefully. Maybe."

"It's worth a shot."

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