Mia is far too curious for her father's liking. When they move house to a mysterious place near a forest; she can't resist but to look around. But maybe the vampires in Twilight aren't the only ones who exist...


5. Surprise!

"Why didn't you just tell me,"I mutter.

"Didn't want to scare you off. You're the only girl I've ever liked this much."

"Actually I think the whole vampire thing is kinda... hot if you know what I mean!"I say.

He chuckles and then we climb up the largest tree again to see the world. Every light from every house sparkles and shines and I'm filled with a warm glow inside of me.






"Did you hear that?"I say to Josh.

"Yeah, I betta go look.."

"Let me come too,"I say, getting up.

"No, I can't let you. It could be a creature or worse... a werewolf. They hate vampires and can smell them a mile off.".


I let him climb down the tree alone and watch as he scans the forest. 


There it goes again. What is that? 

I watch as he turns around and the expression on his face changes. His eyes go red and he charges in the right direction, running faster than Usain Bolt.


Another sign that would've made me think he's a vampire: Fast, speedy and agile.


"MIA!"he shouts.

I race down the tree, dodging the branches that are being thrown at me. Where are the branches coming from? I spot the girl with black, long hair I met the other day. She looks angry... really angry. I think she knows that I know vampires exist. I think she may even be one. I also think she likes Josh which means she'll hate me a lot.


She may be a vampire, but I'm pretty fast myself. I run and run until I reach Josh and I'm not too shocked to see him fighting off a werewolf. I am shocked to find the vampire blood dripping down his head and in anger I lash out at the werewolf who backs away, surprised. 


And to think this town was boring. Yeah. How long did that last?

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