Mia is far too curious for her father's liking. When they move house to a mysterious place near a forest; she can't resist but to look around. But maybe the vampires in Twilight aren't the only ones who exist...


3. School and Friends

When I wake up, I'm filled with excitement and nervousness. I'm going to start Green Gardens High School today and I'm like the only new girl. Ugh. 


I put on my favourite dark red top and denim jeans... ooh don't forget the converse! :D I eat breakfast with Dad who is busy on the phone and then get to the bus stop just in time. Beside me are about three girls who look the same age as me but much, much different. They have glossy hair, painted nails, tiny skirts and high heels. I hear them muttering until the tallest, prettiest blonde one turns round.

"So you're the new girl?"she says.

"Yep. Mia Dawn... that's me."

"I'm Melissa Ronesworth and we're the popular gang. Though I don't expect you to know that,"she says haughtily. 

"Um... ok?"

"Look Mia, we have standards here and you just don't fit the bill. Now which group are you in? Geeks? Freaks? Or maybe losers?"

"Um isn't there like any other groups?"I say, feeling annoyed.

"Yes. There's the popular gang. And as I said... you're not in it,"she grins.

Melissa pushes past me and I get a big whiff of tacky perfume.

"Ew. She is just... ew,"a voice says.

Next to me is a girl with ginger hair and an emo-ish style. She looks much friendlier than Melissa and her gang so I decide to make friends.

"I know right. Anyway, let's get on the bus and then can you tell me where classroom B43 is?"I say.

"Sure thing. Let's go."

While we sit on the bus, I find out her name is Beckii. Beckii says the populars aren't the only group that is cool around the school and I am filled with joy.

And at break, I see a whole bunch of populars gathered by the wall. And as I guessed, Melissa has a boyfriend. Or maybe three actually... I saw her cheating with my own eyes. I really hate her and you can guess why. 

When it gets to four o'clock (end of day), Beckii leads me out of the school building and into the woods that I met Josh in. It's brighter than yesterday but it still has a spooky/magical atmosphere and I love it. In my horror, I hear somebody coming closer and closer to me and I'm about to scream...

"Hey Beckii, Hey Mia,"a familiar voice calls.

Oh. It's just Josh. Oopsie?

"Beckii why did you bring her here?"a girl with dark, black hair asks quietly.

"Well I dunno. Look she's cool okay so give her a break! And she ALSO got the Melissa treatment so can you just... please?"Beckii replies.


But then I see about six other people and I realise this must be their gang. Hopefully I can join as well...

All night we chat. drink fizzy drinks, play dares and tell spooky stories. At one point, Josh starts to make up a great story about a vampire romance but when he gets half way through it, Beckii shoots him a glance. It's almost an angry glance. Or maybe an anxious one.


Then Josh walks me back home and on the way he hands me a red rose.

"My grandma said that only the most beautiful are offered roses,"he smiles.

Did he just call me beautiful??!!!! I blush and say goodnight.




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