Mia is far too curious for her father's liking. When they move house to a mysterious place near a forest; she can't resist but to look around. But maybe the vampires in Twilight aren't the only ones who exist...


1. New House

Mia's Diary:

We've just arrived at Carriston Manor; our new home. Dad's unpacking the stuff and I'm about to order our first meal which is Chinese takeaway... our favourite :)

So I guess you want to see what the house looks like... 

Yeah I know! It's pretty big, but it's not the biggest we've ever been in. Dad loves big houses but I never understand why. What's the point of having a huge house when there is only two of us? Seeing as the rest of the family either hates us or isn't alive...

Sorry about the big handwriting by the way; I could only see the big thick pen until I went through my bag. Anyway, I'm planning to get my room sorted out and eat. Then, I'm gone. I'll be out exploring, searching. My curiosity always gets the better of me and that's not always a bad thing.


I close my diary and head down to the garden where Dad is placing fairy lights and odd gnomes.

"Dad I told you... I hate those bloomin' gnomes!"I laugh.

"I know, I know. But I have to put them in the garden or Aunt Lucy will be distraught,"he says cheerfully.

"Oh yes. She'd be like: but where are the wondrous gnomes I sent you? Oh dear, oh dear,"I mimic.

He chuckles and I hug him tight. After all, he bought this awesome house and I do love him to bits. 

"Go call the Chinese Takeaway company, I'm starving!"he calls.


After I call the Chinese Service, I head to my room and start placing furniture there. I decide to paint my room a midnight blue tomorrow because at the moment it is a dull white. I turn on my computer (don't get ideas though; it's a really old one!). I log onto Facebook and check my messages:

Dear Mia,

You HAVE to send me a pic of your new house!! When can I come for a sleepover? How's the weather? Do you even like it there? Ally xoxo


Heya Mia :D

From Tom


BTW: Ally is my bestest, craziest friend and Tom is probably my oldest friend because we've known each other seen birth. 

I type in 'Carriston College' because that's the local college here and then it leads me to a page called Carriston Wolves. 

"Carriston Wolves? What da....?"

I scan the computer screen as I read the 'Carriston Wolves' are the local football team. They were named 'Wolves' because it is said that there are many creatures in the woods here. 

Creatures?Wolves? This is making me so, so curious now.


I skip down the stairs and state a plan in my head.

"Um, Dad?"

"Yes, honey?"

"Can I um pop into town and have a little look at the stores?"

"Not yet. We haven't eaten."

"Oh please!! Pretty please!"

"Fine, but be back by no later than four."


I grab my bag and run. Shops... Pah! I'm going to look for the woods! But as I step outside I swear I see blood on the steps. But it doesn't look like natural human blood. In fact... it looks like vampire blood.


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