Mia is far too curious for her father's liking. When they move house to a mysterious place near a forest; she can't resist but to look around. But maybe the vampires in Twilight aren't the only ones who exist...


2. Can't Stop Thinking

I know all about Vampire Blood. When I was thirteen years old, I did a MAJOR project about werewolves, vampires and lots more. I know all about their blood... all about their everything. This is definitely vampire blood and that means vampires are nearby. 

My first instinct is to get rid of the blood. There is no way that Dad can see this. He will either think we leave near murderers or he will think something is up. So I get a towel and start to rub the blood away quickly. When I'm done, I walk into Carriston Town Centre. Everything is so bright and jolly but in the background I can see a dark place, somewhere mysterious. 


I'm soon there; I've always liked running. It's a dark forest and the moon is the only glimmering light. It sneaks through the trees and shines bright like a diamond. I try not to step on anything but I'm constantly stepping on twigs and branches. 


I spin around. What was that? Who was that? Slowly and carefully, I move over to where I heard the noise and see....

A teenager. Or maybe even nearly a man I suppose. His hair is dark brown and his eyes are a misty grey. You know how some people believe in love at first sight? Well so do I now. He's going to be in all my dreams now.


"Who are you?"he says.

"I'm Mia Dawn. And you are?"

"Oh um, Josh Dantay."

"You know, you really shouldn't be in the woods. They can be a very dangerous place,"I say in a mock teacher voice.

He laughs and sits down on the grass.

"Well maybe I like dangerous things."


"Hey, wanna see something cool?"

"Sure,"I answer.


He leads me to a tree and he shoots up it. He is so fast and agile for a sixteen year old or something! I climb up the tree with him and I can see it's the biggest out of all of them. When we're both at the top, you can see a fantastic view. Everything is spread out like a story book in front of me. 

"Pretty cool, hey?"

"It's amazing,"I say dreamily.

"So how come I haven't seen you at school before?"he says.

"I'm new to Carriston. I start school tomorrow and I'm living in Carriston Manor with my Dad."

"Woah! Carriston Manor is like the king of all houses in this town!"he says. 

"So I guess I'll see you at school,"I speak.

"Yeah okay cool."


When I get home, all I can think about is him. Josh Dantay. Josh Dantay. Josh Dantay. I can't get those words out of my mind!! There's something about him that is mysterious and cute and wonderful. I just hope I'll see him tomorrow.



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