murder at the manor

When lady Mary is found dead in her bed at Crickley manor the finger of suspicion is immediately pointed at her estranged husband sir William. But in 1910 when murder is punishable by death how far will the killer go to avoid suspicion


2. The arrival

As the log fire crackled in the drawing room lady Mary stood up from her chair her pearls glinting in the light causing her to look like the queen of Sheba in all her mighty. Her chocolate brown hair was pinned close to her scalp decorated with white pearls and a beautiful tiara stood perched on her head, she frowned as she noticed her husband strolling across the lawn with his much younger secretary Katherine. A busty girl with bright blonde her and a dress far to short for a proper lady, but Regina would not be like that she would be everything she was when she was that age. As lady Mary stared blissfully into the window imagining herself at that age she suddenly winced she had stirred something up which she had kept secret for so long even now bringing it up was painful.


"MARY what do you think your doing your nothing come back at once" Lord Theron raised his hand upwards and brought it down sharply onto Mary's face stunning her for a brief period. "Your just like your mother week feeble not strong enough" He roared until she could take know more.

"At least i am not a coward who hides behind violence"Mary whispered underneath her breath

"WHAT did you just say" Lord Theron roared into Mary's face raising his can upwards 

"I said at least i am not a coward who hides behind violence" Mary shouted into his face

"How dare you speak to me like that i will beat every last dream out of you. Your nothing just like you pathetic excuse of mother." Lord Theron  

end of flashback

Lady Mary stared down at her stomach he father had given her the devil in a child one she had to pretend when in childbirth had died but she had instead sent it to a home it had nearly destroyed her knowing the pain and suffering she had caused the child. But imagine the scandal it would of caused if the London society  had got wind of the story. It would of destroyed them.

She turned to face the fire at walked slowly over leaning her back to the chair and picking up her glass of wine taking a small sip and gazing upon the mantel place she spied her flowers someone and changed the design she had insisted that they followed her design impeccably it would of been terrible if the house did not look right. As she peered closer into the pot she caught a glance at something out of the corner of her eye just as she was going to pick it up a shout was heard from behind her.

"Mother" A man was heard calling from behind her. A young women stood nervously next to him her hand on her stomach rubbing it simultaneously  in a circle.

Lady Mary froze. Before blinking fast and replying swiftly

" Edward, Oh Edward your here and you must be Regina and, and your expecting. I see, how many months gone are you." Lady Mary returned to her normal stiff self as soon as she noticed her husband stumble in, he'd had one to many whiskys. But Lady Mary had stopped caring about him as long as the family name was not ruined she didn't care any longer. He could do what he wanted the coward of a man he was her get out of jail free card but instead of doing so he had doomed her to a life of suffering and captivity in due course.

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