murder at the manor

When lady Mary is found dead in her bed at Crickley manor the finger of suspicion is immediately pointed at her estranged husband sir William. But in 1910 when murder is punishable by death how far will the killer go to avoid suspicion


1. and the year was

As the last window was shut the manor heaved a great sigh of relief, finally shutting its self to the commoners of the outside world. As people peeped through the iron gates hoping for scrapes of food; inside was far from glamorous Sir William's gambling habits had left the family in near financial ruin the once great rooms stood unused and dark. But thing were changing shutters were being taken of the windows and light poured through the gaps seeping into every corner, staff were being hired and the non stop noise of people almost made the manor come alive again. The reason was simple Sir William's son and heir had married a girl with riches like no other with no family and an aunt close to death the girl solved all their problems, Edward and is bride Regina would live at Crickly  manor and take control of the finances whilst Lady Mary would over see Regina's training into becoming the next lady of the manor. 

But inside that house lay great secrets ones which if were brought to life would tear their lives apart. 


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