Dilys and the fire

I suddenly came up with the first line, and had to write this story.
The girl, Dilys, is a character in a larger scale story I’m working on, but it’s currently put on hold.


1. Dilys.

“Sometimes, when I close my eyes, I see fire, all around me.”

When I was a young girl, before I got my magi, I dreamt that my gift would be water. Then I could give to those who was dying of thirst, and I could heal those who’d been hurt.

And last, but most importantly, I’d fight the fires.

That… Wasn't how it turned out…

The morning I turned 13, the morning you receive your “magi”, I knew something was wrong. My body was burning. All I could think about was getting out and cool down. I ran out of my tent down to the stream, even through dawn was still an hour away. I tried to soak my clothes in the cold water, but none of it helped. I ran further  away from our camp, and stopped when I came to a clearing.

I sat down, feeling hot and exhausted, and put my hands on the ground.
And then I felt it burn.

I think that was one of the few times I screamed in my whole life. The grass caught fire, and it kept coming, and it came from me, from my palms.

I yanked my hands from the ground but it didn't change a thing; the fire almost ran out of my body, and I felt how I was cooling down. When the fire inside of me ran out, I opened my eyes, I’d kept ‘em shut the whole time, and looked around. Everything in a radius of 50 meters was burned black. It was all dead, and ash fell down from above. Then the sunlight shone trough the smoke clouds, and I realized it was way past dawn. I pulled myself together and begun walking back, pushing my dead-tired body trough the shrubberies  As I walking I saw the damage I’d done. The birds should be singing, but none was to be heard. Everything was silent. 

Because of the fire. Because of me.

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