life is miserable

Its about a boy whos being abused by his own parents.Hes parents dont really care much about him.To them his just a piece of junk.:( .Till one day a shooting star came by and he made his wish he said "i wish i was someone else" after that he went to bed,and that very next day he woke up and everything was different........


1. Good morning cruel world....


                   Dear diary,

                         Today i woke up like every other day........I was sleeping when all of the sudden i heard my  name

          " IT WAKE UP WHAT ARE YOU DOING SLEEPING YOU PIECE OF JUNK.!!!"  Yes my name is It .My parents

            didin't really care what i was gonna be called.I woke up fixed my room,and headed straight to the kitchen.Im the

          one who has to do everything around here like breakfast,cleaning, and much more stuff.I made breakfast for my parents 

      and after that picked up the left overs which there wasn't really much and i started to eat the left overs.After that i went up to

            my room and looked at my notebook of TO DO LIST  and started to do my chores.There was really not that much well

        for me because i have gotten use to it.I got so tired i went back to sleep now that my parents had gone to work .But what i                 

               cant believeis that i slept through the whole day.I could hear those angry steps of my parents, they came to my room  

           and my mom slapped me while my dad punched me,it was one of the worst feelings and i wondered why did they hit me

          and i suddenly remembered i forgot to do some chores!!!My parents kept hitting me.They kept hitting me that i bled.

              After all that happened  i went to the bathroom  and washed my from all the blood i had.I still had some stains of blood  

                       in  my face and my shirt which was the only shirt i had.It was 11:00 p.m and needed some sleep..........

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