Best Friends Forever

Me and Louis have been through loads and we promised each other that we would be there for each other no matter what happens.


2. The Result

The next day, we got sorted and headed back to Doncaster, it seemed to take ages to get home but i was glad because it gave me time to think what would happen if he did get through and he became famous, all the girls would be after him and he wouldn't want to know me, with all this going through my mind it was hard not to cry, i kept fighting back the tears.

We finally saw the sign 'WELCOME TO DONCASTER, PLEASE DRIVE SAFELY'. It was only half an hours drive to Louis's.

Stan dropped us off at Louis's, Stan didn't come in because he had work,but we where meeting him later.

Louis put his key in the door and it was really quiet. Louis's house is normally really loud as he has 4 little sisters but it was dead. We put our stuff into Louis's room, I had my own bed in Louis's room (the spare bed) because I was part of the family.  Louis headed downstairs for a drink and something to eat. He was downstairs for ages and he finally came up with a big plate of sandwiches and two bottles of coca. We were lying in his bed watching TV when we heard the door open downstairs and the quietness was gone, it was like a crowd at a football match. We stayed silent, were heard Jay shouting "Come on girls, we need to go for shopping, we need to fill the cupboards before Louis gets back." 

As soon as we heard the door shut, we got out of bed and  headed downstairs and watched as the car left the street, we waited 5 or 10 minutes before we headed out and we knew they would be out for an hour. We headed straight for the park where we would always go (don't ask why).  We sat down on the swings, we didn't say a word for ages and Louis said  "Aimee, what's up you've been quiet all morning? Don't even bother saying nothing because I know you to well!" I didn't look at him and said "I'm fine Lou, I'v just been thinking about school and exams." He just looked at me and nodded,  I could tell he knew I was lying but how can I tell him, if he becomes famous he won't want to be friends with me anymore, even though we promised to be there for each other no matter what. We stayed for half an hour and then we headed back. When we got back on the street, Lou noticed his mam's car was just pulling into the drive. We walked slow. Jay and the girls got out the car and the girls ran to the door and Jay opened it and then went back to the car to get the shopping out, she grabbed some bags and headed in the house, when she was in the house we ran up to the car and hide down the side because we heard her coming back out. Louis texted her saying 'Were just coming in to Doncaster now, won't be long till I see you  I've  missed you loads :( and can't wait to see you love you loads mum. xxxx'

She stopped walking and took her phone out and started reading it and she started smiling and she rushed to the car and grabbed more bags and headed in. That was our cue to grab some bags and headed in. The screams we got was unbelievable, we were getting hugged in all directions. 

We sat down on the couch, Daisy and Phoebe ran and jumped on to my knees like they normally do, we were talking for ages, Phoebe had rolled off my knee and onto to Louis's, they were both fast sleep, we picked them up and carried them up stairs to bed. When we got back downstairs, I said bye to everyone and headed home. It was nice to be at home in my own bed. But I couldn't sleep everything was going through my mind still. The next morning, I met Louis and Stan and we went for a drive. 

6 WEEKS HAD PAST...................................



Me and Louis were in the garden, when the house phone started ringing, I've never seen Louis run so fast in his life, I stood up and followed him, he picked the phone and a sad look came onto his face and then hung up and said "I got through I'm off to boot camp Aimee arrggghhhhhh!!" I smiled and hugged him, "What did I tell you Lou, your amazing" and we headed back out into the garden, we were talking about what happens at boot camp and what he was going to take, and Jay came in from work and she came out into the garden and said "Any news Louis?" He turned round with the same expression he did to me and said "I'm off to boot camp"

Jay started screaming again.

Louis put it on facebook that night, so i guessing he had told everyone he needed to.

I was so proud of how far he had come on his own and it looked like he didn't need me after all.

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