I'm only here because you stole my heart.

Hope's birthday is a few days away, so here mom decided too make it the best she can -- By getting her a meet and greet with One Direction!
Hope has always fancied Harry Styles and takes the opportunity too try and win his heart. The meet and greet turns into a relationship between her and Harry Styles, but her mom doesn't approve of this relationship and the rest of the boys are jealous, so there is a lot of fighting and constant drama. They can't deal with everything so they set up a plan and Harry and Hope run away, but how long can they get away with with? How will Harry continue to be in One Direction?
Read & Find out :)


1. The day has come!

My mom recently told me that in a few days I would have the opportunity too go too a meet and greet with One Direction! Sense I am turning 18, I feel like it wouldn't be innapropriate too try and win Harrys heart. But my mom doesn't really agree with me and getting into relationships. She knows that I've always liked Harry and his music, so she's basically just asking for it.

I planned out everything that I would say too him, maybe something like "Oh Harry marry me" too straight forward. Maybe I would just start with "Hey, we should maybe hangout sometime, I'll be in town for awhile and it would be really cool too become better friends" ah that'll do.

My mom was kind of weary of the idea of getting me a meet and greet with One Direction.

1. Because she knows that I'm a major flirt when it comes too them.

2. She won't be in the room with me when I meet them.

3. She already kinda knows that I'm going too try and win him over.

The car ride destination was supposed too be a "surprise" because even though I already knew my present (I read her text messages and she eventually told me) she didn't really tell me where I would be meeting them at. I really didn't care, though. The only thing that mattered was that I was meeting them, not the stupid town that it would be at.

When we left the house it was around 10 in the morning. The whole car ride maybe lasted 5 or 6 hours. That was the longest that I had ever been in a car. It really sucked, too. For a few hours my mom had her favorite songs on (80's music) so during that time I just had my head phones in and listened too my music. Whenever she had finally had enough of her music, she turned it off and tried too have a "serious" talk with me. Basically she was just concerned that I would try and get with them and make a fool of myself. I assured her that I wouldn't (I was lying of course) she just gave me a glare, then put back on her music. I think I must have fallen asleep after that because I don't really remember anything eles.

All I remember is that when I finally woke up, we were there! It looked different then what I had expected. I expected fans too be everywhere, no place too park, it being really loud. But surprisingly it was the complete opposite. It was a fairly large glass building, there was hardly any cars besides maybe 4 or 5, and there was absolutely nobody in the front. Were we even in the right place?

"Mom where are we?"

"Were here silly! The boys are inside waiting for you!"

"Why is it so empty here? Are you sure that were at the right place?"

"Sweetheart, whenever I planned this, we didn't want it horribly packed so that you wouldn't even make it too the door without being trampled on. So we planned it here. Now go on sweetie, they're waiting!"

I gave her a half smile and opened the car door. Before I closed the door my mom screamed out "I'll be back in an hour or two! Just call me if you need anything!" I smiled "Ok mom" I then shut the door.

I was really nervous, but I couldn't show it. I had too act as 'normal' as possible so that they would'nt be freaked out. Sense the whole building was basically completely made out of glass (It had windows all around it) I took a glance at myself and fixed my hair a bit. My blonde hair, that was once straightened this morning, was now a bit frizzy, so I had too pat it down.

As soon as I walked in, a few security guards instantly came over too me.

"How can we help you miss?" One of them asked.

"I'm Hope, my mom planned me too meet One Direction.."

They all looked at a sheet of paper and started walking down the hallway "There this way"

As I walked through the hallway with them, that's when the rush of nervousness kicked in. I began too lighty shake, half of it because I was scared, and the other half because I was really excited. I started too try and remember everything that I had planned, but I was so nervous that I could barely even remember.

"Their in there Hope" One of them said, while pointing to a door.

"Ok thank you" I said, forcing a polite voice.

The security guards opened the door for me, and then left. As soon as I walked in I just stood there. They were all sitting on a couch, and whenever they heard the door open, they instantly looked up.

"Um, hi.. I'm Hope"

Harry was the first one too get up. He looked so cute. He was wearing a V neck shirt, with sun glasses folded on the top of his shirt, with blue jeans, and converse. He also smelled really good -- I think it was Hollister or something.

"Hey hope! I'm Harry, it's a pleasure too meet you!"

Yeah of course I know who you are, Harry Edward Styles, the one person that I've been obsessed with sense you were on the X Factor, the one that I constantly look up pictures of, and put them allover my wall. Of course I didn't say that, all I ended up saying was -- "It's a pleasure to meet you too! You look really cute!"

He smiled and then said "You look really beautiful"

I couldn't help it, you know how you try too force back a big smile and tears, but you can't help it? That's kinda what happened. I was able too hold back the tears, but I couldn't hold back the overly big smile.

He gave me a really big hug, and then lead me too the other boys, walking over too the boys he had his arm around my waist -- I felt like I was going too have a heart attack.

The other boys looked really nice, too.

Zayn was wearing a plain black shirt, with dark jeans and dressy looking shoes.

Louis was wearing a stripped shirt (of course) kind of light jeans, and red shoes.

Niall was wearing a plain white shirt, some kind of darker shorts, and black shoes.

Liam was wearing a grey  hoodie, dark pants, and converse.

They were all so perfect.

Harry stood in front of everyone "Boys, this is Hope."  All of them looked up and smiled. "Hi Hope!" They all yelled, but Louis's voice stood out the most. He always looked like he would be the more outgoing / Louder one of the group.

I let out a little cheeky smile "Hey!" Harry looked at me in the eyes and started too smile at me, and then the boys started smiling with him. Louis and him were giving eachother little signals too eachother.

I hope that it meant he likes me. Hah!



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