I'm only here because you stole my heart.

Hope's birthday is a few days away, so here mom decided too make it the best she can -- By getting her a meet and greet with One Direction!
Hope has always fancied Harry Styles and takes the opportunity too try and win his heart. The meet and greet turns into a relationship between her and Harry Styles, but her mom doesn't approve of this relationship and the rest of the boys are jealous, so there is a lot of fighting and constant drama. They can't deal with everything so they set up a plan and Harry and Hope run away, but how long can they get away with with? How will Harry continue to be in One Direction?
Read & Find out :)


2. Meeting the boys!

Their little signals turned into them both laughing -- It made me think that maybe they were making fun of me? I didn't know what I had done. I made sure my hair looked ok, I had wore my favorite perfume, made sure that I had a mint (just incase) Why were they making fun of me then? Maybe they just had an insider that they just remembered, or maybe just maybe it were something eles, oh god I hoped that were it.

After me just awkwardly standing there infront of the boys, Niall finally called out "Come sit down!!" I let out a smile, 'Finally' I thought too myself.

The boys were very outgoing, even though I could tell that Zayn and Liam were the more quiet ones. Harry (Like everyone says) is a major flirt. Right when I sat down, he sat right next too me and put his arm around me. I guess all the rumors were true about him. At first I felt uncomfortable, but I couldn't show it. Any girl would die too be in my position right now.

Niall kept telling us stories about how a girl followed him back too his hotel room last weekend, he said that she "stalked" him and payed the clerk too tell her which room he was in (She must have payed alot, considering that the clerk was giving her details about where One Direction was) It was a funny story though. He said that when he finally noticed that she had followed him from town, he felt like he was going too die, he thought that she was going too assasinate him or something. I think he said at one point he thought that he was gonna cry!

Then the questions turned too me. Harry seemed really interested in knowing about me. He began too ask questions like:

- How old are you?

- Where are you from?

- Are you graduated, or starting college?

- Are you a fan of us?

- What's your favorite color?

Then after he seemed too be impressed with all me answers (remember I had practiced them) he asked me if I'd want too maybe catch a movie with him tomorrow night! I felt relived that I didn't have too pop the question, and that THE Harry Styles had an interest with me. Oh, and of course I said yes!

Point of view(s)

Harry - She seems like a really sweet and nice girl. There's not many like her around. I really like her because even though all of us could tell that she was nervous, she still tryed her hardest too play it cool, and not fangirl like most girls would. Her personailty is really outgoing, too. She got all of the jokes we made, usually people only pretend laugh because they don't understand really any of our humor, but she does! Were seeing a movie tomorrow, and I'm really excited. Without going too overboard (sense I just met her) All I'm going too say is, I think I have a crush!

Niall - She has an amazing personailty, and is a really good looking, cute girl! From the start all of us could tell that Harry kind of liked her, I mean his eyes basically lit up whenever she walked into the room! I loved hanging out with her today, and now sense Harry and her are seeing a movie tomorrow, maybe I'll see her more often! I mean, nothings impossible!

Zayn - Shes a beautiful young lady. I expected her too be a lot older than 18, but it doesn't really matter. I think that she's more of Harrys type, and Harry took a liking too her anyway. Her personailty and maturity are really big bonus's, and I hope I see her sometime soon again, it was really fun having her around!

Louis - She was a BLAST! Whenever I heard about this, I thought that she would be some shy, immature 12 or 13 year old! But she was the complete opposite!That's why me and Harry kind of gave eachother looks like.. WOW! We were totally shocked about it. I can see her being with Harry, sense they kind of 'clicked' But deffinetly, I hope too see her again!

Liam - Honestly, I hate it whenever Harry just always gets too be first when it comes too girls. He doesn't think about anyone eles in these kinds of situations and it makes me mad. She's an amazing girl and most deffinetly doesn't deserve too be played by Harry. I've seen him do this before, and she's just going too get hurt. I could treat her so much better. But like most times, I don't get the time of day. It's too late even if I wanted her, because he's bringing her too a movie tomorrow. Whatever, I'll try too tell her sometime, she probably won't believe me. But beisdes all of that, it was nice too have her around, and I hope too see her soon!

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