I'm only here because you stole my heart.

Hope's birthday is a few days away, so here mom decided too make it the best she can -- By getting her a meet and greet with One Direction!
Hope has always fancied Harry Styles and takes the opportunity too try and win his heart. The meet and greet turns into a relationship between her and Harry Styles, but her mom doesn't approve of this relationship and the rest of the boys are jealous, so there is a lot of fighting and constant drama. They can't deal with everything so they set up a plan and Harry and Hope run away, but how long can they get away with with? How will Harry continue to be in One Direction?
Read & Find out :)


5. I'll have to figure something out.

As soon as all the boys greeted me, Harry grabbed my hand softly and led me too the other room with him.

As soon as we got too the room, he sat me down on the bed with him, and asked

"Where do we go from here?"

"My moms going too come looking for me soon.. What happens if she comes here?"

"Me and the boys are here for a few more weeks, maybe even a month or so.. Just stay here until she comes looking for you.. Just so that she doesnt think you were stolen or anything, text her letting her know that you moved out."

"Okay.. But if she does come here, where do we go?"

"I'll figure it out when the time comes. I don't think she will though."

I let out a half smile and took out my phone. I texted my mom saying -

I'm moving out. Don't bother looking for me, because there's no use. I'm done living in your household. It feels more like a prison rather than a home. Just like you always say "My house my rules!" or "As long as you live under my roof, you go by my rules!" That's why I'm moving out. I'm tired of living by your rules. It's time for me too have fun for once in my life. Don't even bother writing back too this, because I can assure you that this is the last time you'll ever hear from me for a long time. I hope you're happy that you drove your own daughter away from you, and you can blame nobody but yourself. Goodbye.

After I sent it, I immedietly showed Harry. "Don't you think that's a little harsh sweetie?" I looked at him in disgust "A little harsh? Are you serious? She put me through complete hell, and you're trying too tell me that I'm being 'Harsh' because for once in my life I stood up too her and told her that I'm done with her little games!"

He just looked up at me with a serious look and said "She's your mother.." I looked back up at him and said "Hardly."

He didn't look me back in the eyes until a few moments later. I understand that she's my mother. But Harry has too understand that he has a different life than I do. His mom has been supportive of everything that he has chose too do. My mom doesn't even let me hug people. Yet alone even get out of the house without her tagging along with me. He just doesn't understand.

Before our little argument could continue, Liam knocked on the door and walked in. "Hope, can I have a word with you?" I got up from the bed slowly "Yeah, of course?" When I walked out of the room, I felt Harry stare me the whole way out. Liam walked me too the other bedroom. He had the most serious look on his face. Like, it didn't even look humanly. He looked like he was going too cry. But he was silent. I decided too break the ice..

"What's going on Liam?"

He looked me straight in the eyes.

"You can't be with Harry. He's going too take advantage of you -- Like he does with every single girl. You have too believe me. I've watched him come home with hundreds of girls, claiming that he 'Loves' them, but every month he just comes home with a new one. It's a little game he plays. Usually I just let it happen, because there's nothing that I can really do.. But I just can't let you get hurt.. He doesn't deserve you at all. Hope, I can treat you so much better than Harry can.. You have too believe me.,"

"I'm not going to change from guy too guy. If he hurts me, it's my fault for not listening to you. But for now I'm staying with Harry. Whether it leads too a relationship or not. I'm not changing."

I got up and walked back over too Harry. I wanted to believe Liam and all, but my heart just didn't want to. I had heard all the rumors, but I just couldn't find a place tobelieve it. The thought of it hurt.

I sat right next to Harry, and put my hand on his lap. I took a deep breath and said -

"Harry.. Are we going too be in a relationship? Liam just told me about how you play a lot of girl. I can't find a place in my heart to believe it.. But I just have to know.. Am I just one of those girls, or is this going to be a start of a relationship?"

"I just need time.."

I got up, and opened the door. But before leaving in a low and sad voice I said "Take all the time that you wan't."

I closed the door soflty and walked down the small and narrow hallway. When I got to the living room I grabbed the few bags that I had brought and walked out the door. The boys looked at me with puzzled looks. They didn't know what was going on. But I didn't want to explain and tell them. So I just ignored their looks, and walked out the door.

I have too figure out where too go.

I didn't have any other place. I couldn't go back home, and I'm not going too stay with Harry if I'm not wanted. I just went to the lobby and checked out a different room for me. I had some money, so I would be able to afford a few nights here. After that, I'm not sure.. I'll have to go job hunting.. I'll figure something out.

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