I'm only here because you stole my heart.

Hope's birthday is a few days away, so here mom decided too make it the best she can -- By getting her a meet and greet with One Direction!
Hope has always fancied Harry Styles and takes the opportunity too try and win his heart. The meet and greet turns into a relationship between her and Harry Styles, but her mom doesn't approve of this relationship and the rest of the boys are jealous, so there is a lot of fighting and constant drama. They can't deal with everything so they set up a plan and Harry and Hope run away, but how long can they get away with with? How will Harry continue to be in One Direction?
Read & Find out :)


9. Hoping for the best.

I wish that I would have listened to my mom all along. At the time I just wanted to actually have fun for once. But now I see that she was just trying too protect me from all of this. The heartbreak, the drama. Everything. I wish that I would have noticed this earlier, before I felt like this.. I know I may have not put my hardest into me and Harrys relationship, but him putting it out blunt like that, made me feel horrible, stupid, worthless, like he really didn't care.. I decided to text back.

Just because I couldn't handle people yelling through the Caffe, calling me a 'whore' and really mean stuff, doesn't mean that you have to break up with me? For once in my life I actually feel 'wanted' and you completely ruined that. I'm not a strong person in the first place, and you're hurting me. You really are. Everything that you said up there, is constantly running through my mind. I'm sorry that I'm not good enough for you. I'm sorry that I'm not strong enough for you. I'm sorry that I don't reach you're expectations, I really am sorry. I should have never went against what my mom told me. I now know that she was just trying to protect me from feeling so alone.. and so.. broken. But it's too late, I can't even go home now. Not after all of this. I guess I'll just have to figure something out, even if you're not with me anymore. I guess I'm thankful for the small ammount of time that we spent together. Because you made me really happy. The happiest that I've ever been in my life. Hopefully if anything, we can stay friends? But if you don't, I totally understand. Have a good day. Bye..

Sense I have an Iphone, and he has an Iphone, everytime one of us read a text message it says 'seen' and the time that me or him opened it. I sat desperatly for a few minutes waiting for those words to appear. Then after waiting for maybe 5 minutes, it popped up. "SEEN 12:34 p.m" I took a breath of relief. But the only thing that's keeping me on my toes is what he's going too reply. It's driving me crazy.

I hadn't eaten all day, so I walked over too a local family restraunt, I think that's all I can afford right now. The only money that I had was birthday money, from this and last year. I think it was close to $700 or $750 dollars. That sounds alot, I know, but whenever you have too live with only that much.. It really isn't.

I ended up eating bacon eggs and toast, with orange juice and a hashbrown. I was so hungry. While I was finishing up and getting the money out to pay them, a group of girls sat across from me and stared me down. They were looking at their phone, then looking back up. They had pictures of me and Harry. I ignored their little whispers and mean remarks. I payed the waitress and left without saying anything too them.

I had forgot about checking my phone. But whenever I did.. It said "1 NEW TEXT MESSAGE -- HARRY <3"

I hesitated, but I covered my eyes and clicked "OPEN" to my surprise, it was a long message.

Babe. I'm so stressed right now. I don't think anyone understands how unhappy I really am. I have to put up a smile infront of everyone, just to keep up mine and the bands image. But behind closed doors I'm really not happy. I guess, all of this drama just added up to it and I blamed it on you. I don't know why I did that. You're such an amazing girl, and I care about you so much. Trust me when I say that, because honestly you're all I ever think about anymore. If I'm not with you, I'm thinking about you. If I'm not thinking about you, I'm dreaming about you. It's an ongoing cycle. For some reason you're that 'one girl' that every guy has atleast once in his life that he can say is the love of his life. I know that sounds crazy and all, but I feel so different then I have ever felt with a girl or anyone before. You actually make me feel 'happy' and I really don't want to loose that. If I did, I would be incomplete. I really would. I know I should be doing this the proper way and ask you in person, but I feel like I should do it now. Hope, I care about you so much and I feel like I make you really happy, too. Together I guess you could say were the 'ideal' or 'perfect' couple. Will you be my girlfriend? <3

I read the text message atleast 3 or 4 times. Each time smiling at the ending. But how can I trust him? I keep thinking about what Liam told me. What if he just leads me on then completely leaves me? I wouldn't be able to handle that. I could barely even handle the little argument that we had today. Maybe I should just give it a few days or something. I really don't know what to do. I put my phone back into my pocket. I can't go back with him, not now. Not after everything. I just can't. Maybe if it's meant to be, we'll fix this. But if not, I'll just have to figure something out. I know my mom will come looking for me really soon, actually she's probably on her way right now. But everything will be ok. That's what I'm hoping for, atleast.

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