I'm only here because you stole my heart.

Hope's birthday is a few days away, so here mom decided too make it the best she can -- By getting her a meet and greet with One Direction!
Hope has always fancied Harry Styles and takes the opportunity too try and win his heart. The meet and greet turns into a relationship between her and Harry Styles, but her mom doesn't approve of this relationship and the rest of the boys are jealous, so there is a lot of fighting and constant drama. They can't deal with everything so they set up a plan and Harry and Hope run away, but how long can they get away with with? How will Harry continue to be in One Direction?
Read & Find out :)


7. Happy for once.

The thought kept crossing my mind;

what if she thinks I got stolen, and calls the police?

If you must know anything about my mom, it's that she and the police department are really close. She knows them, and they know her. If a dog was in our yard, she would call the police. Now her moms not coming home? Wow I'm in for it.

I got up and picked up the few bags that I had brought. I went over downstairs and walked over too the boys room. I hesitated, before I finally knocked.


A faint and little voice said "Who's there?"

I felt awkward, and stupid for coming back. But I said "Hope"

The door opened immedietly. Surprisingly it was Niall who opened the door. I guess he had too disguise his voice just incase. Sense he has been stalked before.

He looked confused.

"Where's Harry?" I asked.

"Well.. Umm. Uhh.. I'm not supposed to say anything.."

"Tel me. I can't joke around right now."

"Uhh.. He went over to a strip club about 20 minutes ago..."

I felt a rush of disbelief and saddness. Right after I left, he goes too a strip club? Very classy.

I just took a deep breath.

"When is he coming back?"

"I don't know.. Usually he stays there for awhile.. It varys, to be honest"

I ignored what he had just said and walked out the door. I felt so mad. No. Mad was an understatement. I was furious. Pissed. Broke. Hurt. All in one.

I sat down in the middle of the hall, and pulled out my phone. I went over to Harrys contact and clicked 'Text' And I sent him this -

Words cannot describe how pissed I am right now. I leave for a little bit to cool off and when I come back I hear that you went to a fucking strip club? You're disgusting. I can't belive you. I basically trusted you with everything, and felt comfortable enough with you to want too make a plan with you, and get away. But you blew it. I dislike you so much now. I don't hate you though. I'm just really disapointed. You could do better.

Moments later I got a text message back -

I didn't go to a strip club.. I just told the boys that so I could go looking for you. I was worried. I care about you so much. They would all laugh and make jokes about me if I told them the truth -- That I cried for awhile after you left, and felt incomplete for some reason. If you don't believe me look in the coffee shop down stairs, that's where I am.

I slid my phone back into my pocket and headed downstairs. At first I couldnt find it, but I eventually did. It was in the way back. When I walked in, he was sitting in the middle, on him phone. He immedietly saw me and walked up.

"Why would you believe them?" He asked in a low muffled voice.

"Who eles would I believe? You werent there, I didn't know better"

"Well I'm sorry they worried you.."

"It's fine" (I was lying. I was torn)

He gave me a long hug, and kissed my cheek.

"Do you want anything?"

"No. I'm fine. Thanks for asking, though"

"No problem."

We sat down where he had been before, and he put his chair really close to mine. Slowly, he put his arm around my waist. I panicked.

"What if fans or people see us together?!"

"Don't worry about it. They can screw off. They should be happy that I finally found someone who makes me feel good, happy, fantastic!" He let out a cute little giggle.

He had a point though, people are always up his ass. he deserves to be happy for once.

I let out a smile, too.

He moved a bit more cloer, and leaned in for a kiss.

This time I didn't feel nervous, even though there was people everywhere watching us, and taking pictures.

I leaned in, too.

 Even though my eyes were closed, I could see all the flashes and heard all the camera. All the yelling, too. But I didn't care. I felt 'good'

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