Alice In Wonderland - Alternate Ending

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  • Published: 6 May 2013
  • Updated: 6 May 2013
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Alice has been in Wonderland for a while, and now, someone has stolen the Queen’s tarts, and there’s a trial going on. Alice now knew it was her turn to give evidence. Alice decided to question the Queen. Suddenly Alice found herself showered in all the cards…


1. Alice In Wonderland - Alternate Ending


   ‘What was that meant to do?” wondered Alice aloud, “Where you trying to make me disappear?”

  “Off with her head! Off with her head!” screeched the Queen, “Behead this insolent child!” Alice thought about how anyone could respect this little witch, and decided not to wonder this aloud.

  “Why hasn’t someone beheaded this child? Why-”

  “Dear,” started the King, “Don’t you think we’ve beheaded enough people for one day? And anyway, I don’t see how we are going to get an axe and an executioner to her head?”

   “Fetch a ladder!”

  “My goodness,” thought Alice, “She isn’t to give up is she?”

  “I am not going to give up!” the Queen suddenly shouted, much to Alice’s surprise, “Fetch a ladder! An executioner! And an axe!”

  “Fine! Fine!” said the King, who had a plan of his own. “Fetch the executioner!”

  “And an axe-”

  “What is an executioner without an axe, my dear? She’ll be beheaded and all will be fine!” The queen folded her arms and sat back in her chair like a sulking child.

  “I don’t know what you are so glum about,” queried Alice “you’re getting your own way. Again.”

  “The sooner she gets beheaded, the better!”

  “Silence in court!” squealed the rabbit. And at that point, there was silence, because Alice and (many others) forgot about the trial, and the rabbit, and his very noisy trumpet. 

  “Alice, please present your evidence”

  “Well I don’t exactly know anything. I already mentioned that”. Alice looked around as she spoke, and saw all the jury writing down things on their slates. Alice, being very interested, walked forward and snatched a slate off Bill the inky lizard. She held it with two fingers, as she didn’t want ink all over her fingers. Then she read aloud:

  “Alice doesn’t know anything. She is no help.” Alice frowned and looked quite annoyed, then turned to Bill.

  “Unhelpful?! Excuse me? Are you not forgetting the Duchess? The Queen beheaded her, and for all we know, she could have eaten the tarts before the beheading!” There was an ‘Mmmm’ sound that filled the room and Alice thought that she had made a fair point.

  “ What nonsense! Off! With! Her! Head!” The Queen’s scream shocked and shook the room, and then the King started.

  “Please! Be! Quiet!” He shouted, and then silence filled the room again as the King finally stood up to the so-called Queen, who was shocked too.

 “What?” exclaimed the startled Queen.

  “Years and years you have treated me like nothing! I am your King!”

  “ Off with your head!”

  “No, off with your head!” The King clapped his hands once and two executioners walked in, grabbed the Queen and took her away. Kicking and Screaming.

  “I never thought he’d do that.” Whispered the Dormouse to Bill.

  “Me neither” said Alice, and by the look on the Dormouse’s face, Alice obviously wasn’t invited to interject into the conversation. Alice quickly detected this, and turned away in an odd fashion.

  “I think maybe we should drop this trial, to be honest, it was just some jam tarts, I know I’m not overly bothered about it!” said the King, who appeared quite easy going.

  “Oh,” said the rabbit, in surprise, “I quite liked this trumpet.”

  “Case dismissed!” shouted the King, “ Let us just blame the Duchess!”

  “Hooray!” Everyone cheered, and as they all walked out, Alice could here chatter of: ‘She was always a fat Duchess wasn’t she? - I knew it was her! - Her chin scared me a little! - Yes, it was curious, like a pin! And with them, Alice laughed.

  “My dear Alice” said the King, and Alice spun round in a hurry.

  “Yes your majesty?” She was a little surprised that someone in this world actually deserved that title.

  “I have something for you!” beamed the King, “Should you choose to stay, I would like you to have this”. He took out a bottle, a small little bottle, which Alice had seen before. She stared at it for a while, and when she turned back to the King to thank him, he was gone. He had almost vanished, leaving the judges wig in his seat.

  “I don’t think I’ll ever understand this strange land.” Pondered Alice, and she opened the bottle and had a good gulp of the interestingly tangy liquid inside.  Immediately, Alice felt herself shrink, to the height of all the other animals in Wonderland.

  “Should I choose to stay?” She laughed about that sentence for a while, and how absurd it was.


   She looked around, and in her small size, she noticed a little door behind one of the curtains. Alice was eager to find out what was inside, or out, or maybe in this world, under! She gave the door a shove, and opened it.


   It was a wood, with big apple and fir trees, with blooming flowers, and a cat. A Cheshire cat. Grinning as ever.  Alice rolled her eyes a little when she saw it, and dismissively said ‘Hello.’

  “You shouldn’t role your eyes at people. It’s quite rude.” Remarked that cat, and Alice thought that that was almost very rude. But she dare not say it. ‘Come on Alice,’ she thought, ‘just walk away.’

  “To where?” questioned the cat, “Back to your world?” Alice wasn’t happy about this, so she dived in too.

  “It’s very rude, to read ones thought, don’t you know?” The Cheshire cat just smiled, and leaned forward.

  “Stick around, you have to really, as I don’t see how you’re going to get home!” then he faded away completely.

   Alice let out a little shriek of anger, but then realised, he was right.

  “He is right. How am I to get home? Should I stay? But what about Dinah the cat!”

  “If she’s not a Cheshire there’s no point being bothered about her!” said the Cheshire cat, “I’m much more interesting!” The Cheshire cat wasn’t actually there, it was just his voice, but Alice didn’t think on that. She just walked straight up the path; she thought it might help her to think. She then thought of a question that she wanted to ask the cat, and she turned around. But all she could see was the Hatter, the Dormouse, and the Hare at their tea party.


  “Coming for tea?” shouted the hatter, jumping an octave higher with each word, “It’s so very salty!” Alice briskly walked over, as she needed a sit down. She sat next to the March Hare, and folded her arms.

  “Tea?” said the hare.

  “All right” said Alice, “Just a small cup.” The Hare enthusiastically poured Alice a large cup of tea, and then offered with a scary grin:

  “Salt?” Alice didn’t really acknowledge what the hare said so she replied:

  “Yes. And lots of it.” The Hare gave a little squeal of excitement and gave her nine spoons of salt. Then, the Hare spat in the tea, turned on his side and stirred the tea with his whisker.

  “You so intelligent Hare,” said the Hatter, “Everyone knows the best way to stir tea is with the whisker!”  

  “So did they find out who stole the tarts?” asked the Hatter.

  “No,” said the Hare, “ We all just blamed the dead Duchess instead. It was Alice’s idea. Alice was getting rather moody because she couldn’t make her mind up what to do and she had to listen to events that she knew everything about.

  “Come on Alice,” she thought to herself, “ Stop acting so childish.” She had just got herself into more of a fiddle, so she grabbed the tea and hurled the whole cup of the Hare’s concoction down her throat in one go. When she swallowed, she licked her lips and frowned.

  “That’s rather curious, rather, nice, actually,” Alice managed to surprise herself, “I wonder, maybe, could I?” Alice picked up her teacup, and took a big bite out of it. She chewed for a while, and swallowed. The Hatter had grown tired of this, and while she was chewing he had taken a biscuit, and covered it in salt.

  “ You are truly mad Alice.” He said, and Alice with her smiling face replied:

  “I don’t think I’m too mad for this world!”

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