The Padlock Heart

Mr and Mrs Green always knew their daughter Chloe would be on Broadway. She took up ballet and tap when she was 3 and had danced with superstars by 8. She was loved acting and singing but there was another thing she also truly loved, her boyfriend, Spencer.
When 14 year old Chloe and Spencer spend Chloe's birthday watching a movie marathon, something dangerous happenes. Will Chloe and Spencer be okay? Will Chloe still make it in time for her first Broadway performance?


3. The Perfect Gift

I wanted to impress Spencer, I mean, you wouldn't want to look like a rubbish tip in front of the love of your life, right? I curled my blonde naturally-straight hair and lay on thin layer of makeup. I've always been described as the "perfect blonde", but trust me - I'm as far from perfect as a bridge troll is. I got into a navy blue dress and put on a pair of white sandals. I couldn't wait! I still had a hour until Spence was due over so I decided to paint my nails. I picked out a glossy white colour to match my sandals and got to work on this concentration-using, delicate job. I got slightly jumped when I got a message from Becca - Don't get too carried away with Spencer! . This girl knew how to crack me up.                                        When I finished my nails I lay on my pink zebra-print bed waiting for my nails to dry. I sung myself my favourite song - One Thing by One Direction. Damn those boys knew how to sing and how to look good. I stared around my room at my posters of Niall Horan. He was such a heart throb. I touched my nails lightly to see if it was dry and sure enough it was - and just in time! The doorbell rang and I rushed to open it to Spencer.

"Hey gorgeous!" he flirted, "You look absolutely stunning". I blushed a little at this, "and you look absolutely handsome" I praised. Spenser handed a little red, velvet box to me. I looked into his loving green eyes and opened it. "WOW! Its beautiful" I said astonished. "It matches you then, doesn't it". Awwwwh he was such a sweetie. He put the necklace around my neck and secured it. I looked at the heart padlock hanging from the chain and kissed him passionately.

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