The Padlock Heart

Mr and Mrs Green always knew their daughter Chloe would be on Broadway. She took up ballet and tap when she was 3 and had danced with superstars by 8. She was loved acting and singing but there was another thing she also truly loved, her boyfriend, Spencer.
When 14 year old Chloe and Spencer spend Chloe's birthday watching a movie marathon, something dangerous happenes. Will Chloe and Spencer be okay? Will Chloe still make it in time for her first Broadway performance?


1. Dance Class


I love dance. I promised myself that if someone were to take it away, I'd kill them right there, right then. I probably won't live up to it, you see I'm not that kind of person. Seeing as I was put in dance when I was 3 I've never really seen the real world. I'm in dance class 9 hours a day and only have 2 hours of home tutoring. My only friends are the ones in my class who are just like me; Annie, Jenny, Charlotte and Becca - we're all best friends and always stick together.

"Chloe!" called my trying-to-be-kind-but-still-angry mother, "You're going to be late!".

"Sorry mum!" I called, skipping down the stairs on my leotard and pointe shoes. I put on my warm, fluffy jacket and strapped on my seat belt, we zoomed off to dance class.


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