The Padlock Heart

Mr and Mrs Green always knew their daughter Chloe would be on Broadway. She took up ballet and tap when she was 3 and had danced with superstars by 8. She was loved acting and singing but there was another thing she also truly loved, her boyfriend, Spencer.
When 14 year old Chloe and Spencer spend Chloe's birthday watching a movie marathon, something dangerous happenes. Will Chloe and Spencer be okay? Will Chloe still make it in time for her first Broadway performance?


2. Birthday Wishes

Okay, I do have to admit - I love pink sparkly birthday parties like I used to have when I was 5. But now apparently I'm "too old" or something, which I guess is good in a way, because I get to spend it with Spencer. Who's Spencer? He's an amazingly gorgeous guy that I fell in love with when he came to dance - and no, hes not a dancer (I wish!), he came to pick up his little 7 year old sister Shannon. We started dating last year and things have gone great! And now he gets to spend my birthday all alone with me watching movie marathons all night! Lucky me! 

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