Mission Impossible

Hailey Fogg,an average ninth grader,has had a major crush on this guy,Mike Franc since sixth grade. You may think its just a minor middle school crush but its more than that. What happens when Hailey trys to impress him? Is it going to work? Yes or Nes? READ ON TO FIND OUT! xo


1. Prologue


I woke up from a nightmare but got a major headache from last night’s party. I groaned as I flopped back on my bed covering the blanket over my face. I saw a figure through the blanket hovering above me and snatching the blanket and with a major SWOOSH the cold air engulfed me. God damn it Mom don’t do that! “Well, if I didn’t do that you wouldn’t have awoken from your beauty sleep” she said as she pointed at my clothes and hair-that-looks-like-a-bird-nest. I muttered something that I couldn’t even understand as I got up but remembered the migraine. Mom, noticing that had already prepared for me some Aspirin and water; I thanked her and got up to get dressed to hang out with my friends, since today is a weekend.


15 minutes of untangling my bird nest and picking out a fine outfit later…. I was dressed in tie-dyed shorts, a tank top that said “You think I’m awesome? Thanks I think I’m awesome too” and braided my blonde hair which was dyed purple at the ends into a French Braid down my back.

I grabbed an apple and put on my sandals then headed out to the park where I’m supposed to meet Kristy, Josh, and Leah. We call Kristy “Krissy-bear”, Josh, “Joshay”, and as for Leah we call her “Lilo”. I arrived at the park and found them waiting for me while eating ice cream mmm.  “Couldn’t wait for me? Heh?” I said giggling as I made my way over to them. “Yep you know us as “the impatient girls””. “HEY!” muttered Josh, we all fell to the grassy floor laughing at Josh’s reaction. “Aw don’t cry Joshay bby” Josh was like literally my BFF he’s so funny and gets embarrassed easily. As for Kristy she’s my BFFL and Leah? She’s Kristy’s twin and they go like almost everywhere together. I smiled as I watched the three of them still laughing and rolling on the floor. This is going to be a fun weekend. 



As we head to school Josh, Leah, Kristy and I are making silly teacher faces to try to cheer Leah a bit. She just broke up with her boyfriend after we came back from the park and movies. So we’re trying as much as we can to brighten up her mood a bit since then ,but I guess it’s not working. “OH, by the way Leah, almost forgot to tell you…I love your hair!” Josh said. Leah had her hair up messily in a high ponytail, I glared at Josh as Kristy stepped on his foot then it turned it an all-out step-on-each-others-foots’-war but the only person who wasn’t joining was … guess who? Leah. “Leah it’s ok,he was a prick for doing that to you, you deserve a better person…don’t let that get in your way!” Leah smiled weakly “thanks for trying to cheer me up guys” she said.


We entered the school and we see a crowd of people gathered in a group around the bulletin board…I push around until I make my way in and here’s what it says:

Dear Students

Please take note that the school has been monitoring lost materials for the last 2 months,whoever the culprit is, present yourself; otherwise we will have to investigate and find the culprit himself/herself.

Below that is another paper that said


Quinn Teasdale

Jay Harris

And a list of other names but at the very end was





Hailey Fogg

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