Mission Impossible

Hailey Fogg,an average ninth grader,has had a major crush on this guy,Mike Franc since sixth grade. You may think its just a minor middle school crush but its more than that. What happens when Hailey trys to impress him? Is it going to work? Yes or Nes? READ ON TO FIND OUT! xo


2. Chapter 1

Holly cow, what in the world made them put my name there?! And then suddenly, everything sinks in. They think I’m like a stealer or a criminal or something fine! But the bad thing was: what will my friends, Mike and everyone else think of this? Maybe they’re going to support me? Or ignore me? Maybe I shouldn’t tell them about it to be on the safer side? I’ll go with the latter.

I move away from the crowd ignoring the ‘Stay Away from My Stuff’ look they are all giving me and head towards Josh, Kristy, and Leah. They looked at me expecting something. “Err, it was just that announcement about the standardized tests coming up yah know” I said as I gave a nervous laugh. They weren’t pretty convinced. “So, if it was a standardized test, why is everyone suddenly so interested in it?” I gave a long pause and replied “I dunno, maybe the marks or grades or somethin’ like that?”  I replied, not really sure if my answer really came out that convincing. “Are you sure?”


“Really, really sure?”

“Why are you going all Sherlock Holmes on me?” I snapped but apologized a few seconds later.

“Nah, its ok were supposed to apologize because we should trust you and you’re our best friend so we can’t say you’re lying to us” she said sincerely.

Okay, now I’m feeling guilty. I made up an excuse to get away from here “I’m not really feeling all that well today guys, I’m going to call my mom to come pick me up”

“ohh, okay, well…see ya” said Josh

“LUFF YA” said Kristy as she blew a kiss my way. Oh that girl.

Leah came up to me and hugged me and with that I walked away to the administration office.

I spotted Mike and gazed at him; he caught me and gave me a fearful look and walked away.

“Yes dear would you like to call your parents?”

“uhm yeah I’m not really feeling well…” I trailed off

“oh, okay we’ll call your mother right away”

I thanked her and went to the parking lot to wait for my mom and as I was waiting I spotted Kristy, Leah, and Josh walking towards me with a look of distrust and hate. “How could you do that to us?!!” said Kristy. “huh”? I replied back not knowing what they were talking about. “Don’t act like you have no idea what’s going on alright? You.. lying to us hm?” The suspect list. I looked up at Josh and saw him looking away and Leah was just standing there with arms crossed and her face red. “I really didn’t mean to! I just thought that…if I told you, you wouldn’t support me and walk away…just like the other people did…just like what Mike did.” I saw Josh tense at the mention of Mike’s name. Yes he knows I like Mike, too. “I DON’T F***ING CARE! YOU THINK YOU CAN LIE TO US AND BE LIKE ‘SORRY I THOUGHT THAT..YADADADAD?’” “I-“ “What else are you keeping from us huh? B*TCH?” I let a tear slip from my eye and just sat there staring at the parking lot. I quickly wiped it as I heard my mom’s car pull up in the parking lot and stood up to walk towards it without a single word to them.  I can’t believe that this day has went from my friends and I having fun and making jokes and silly faces to my own best friend calling me a b*tch and cussing at me.

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