A Breakfast at Tiffany’s Style Romance-A Tom Hiddleston Fanfiction

A/N: For the anon who suggested the Breakfast at Tiffany’s prompt. Breakfast at Tiffany’s is one of my favourite films so I thought id take a crack at it.

Tom Hiddleston, a 25 year old actor with black curly hair and blue green eyes moves to New York to try and break into the film/ theatre industry as an actor. When he’s moving in to his flat he meets Charlotte (Charlie) Rhodes, a kooky 21 year old woman and Broadway actress who is also his neighbour. Will a romance blossom between the two or will they just remain friends?


3. Chapter 3

A Breakfast at Tiffany`s Style Romance

Tom Hiddleston, a 25 year old actor with black curly hair and blue green eyes moves to New York to try and break into the film/ theatre industry as an actor. When he’s moving in to his flat he meets Charlotte (Charlie) Rhodes, a kooky 21 year old woman and Broadway actress who is also his neighbour. Will a romance blossom between the two or will they just remain friends?

* * * * *

Chapter 3:

A/N: Again, Thankyou so much for your likes and lovely comments on this story. I`m having great fun writing it. In this chapter we are introduced to the lovely Luke Windsor and two people by the names of James and Ben, yes based on James McAvoy and Benedict Cumberbatch. Enjoy <3

Tom woke at a bit of a loss that morning knowing that Charlie had left in the middle of the night. He hadn’t held or read to anyone since Beth. He missed her.


To forget about it he decided to enjoy his first day living in New York. He got up and got dressed in a pair of running shorts and white t shirt and before going for a run round Central Park, he needed to clear his head and he found running always done the trick.

After his run he went back to his apartment, had a shower and got changed into something more presentable, a navy shirt, black blazer, jeans and his reliable cowboy boots before going back out into the hustle and bustle of the city. He loved it here already and he’d only been here just under twenty four hours.

He wondered the streets taking in all the views, Time Square in all its glory, quite like Piccadilly Circus in more ways that one, The Statue of Liberty and The Public Library; he couldn’t help but go and have a browse to see what books were there. He found he spent hours in there browsing, looking at all the beautiful copies of Shakespeare plays and the works of F.Scott Fitzgerald.

Tom finally made his way back to his apartment at around 5 in the evening. He found a note attached to his mail box in the foyer. It read:

Dearest JJ,

Sorry I left last night I just thought it might be a bit awkward if you woke up next to your random neighbour this morning. Please forgive me and if your free pop in for a drink this evening around 7-ish.

Your friend,

Charlie Rhodes


He found the note was attached to her copy of Truman Copetes Breakfast at Tiffany’s, he smiled at the thought intending to go and read for a few hours before going to see her.

The phone rang when he got inside. Expecting it to be Ben he put on a cheerful tone.

He was all ready to have a go at him for lumbing him with Jennifer

“Hello Ben, I can’t believe you-“he told him with a laugh to his voice.

“Hello Thomas darling, its Jennifer. You cant believe I what?” she asked in a squeaky voice . Tom sighed gritting his teeth.

“What is it Jennifer?”

“The way you say my name, you make it sound so sexy” when was she going to get the bloody hint that he wasn’t interested. Tom chuckled.

“Why are you calling Jennifer?”

“I just wanted to hear your voice; you slept so soundly last night I didn’t want to wake you”

“Bless you, that’s very sweet of you but I really need to go.

“Thomas, wait. Maybe we can have lunch tomorrow?”

“I’m afraid I can’t tomorrow Jennifer, I have an audition.” The words were out of his mouth before he could even comphrend what he was saying. She didn’t have to know that he may not be going but the more he thought about it, the more he thought how nice it would be to work with Charlie, that way he would get to see her everyday.

“Oh, what’s that for?” she asked generally interested. Ofcourse she’d be interested she fancies the pants off you, you idiot.

“I really must go now, Good night, Jennifer, have a good evening”

“Oh, ok then. Bye Thomas.”

With that he hung and sighed a sigh of relief before picking up Charlie’s copy of Breakfast at Tiffany’s and began reading.

* * * * *

Tom arrived at Charlie’s at 7 on the dot. The door was opened by a man of about 5’2 dressed in a browny grey blazer, white shirt, black jeans and black dress shoes with floppy brown hair. Tom smiled at him going to walk in to the flat when the man stopped him asking if he was invited because Charlie was still in the shower. He smiled saying he was.

He walks in to the flat the man asking if he drinks. He buys him a drink of Jameson.

“I’m Luke Windsor by the way, Charlie’s publicist”

“Tom Hiddleston”

“Have you known Charlie long?”

“No, not long I live upstairs.”


Charlie then came out of her room dressed in a leopard print dress and the black shoes Tom helped her pick out yesterday morning for her audition. He smiled.

“JJ I’m so glad you could come” she told Tom kissing him on the cheek.

“Good evening, darling. I’ve bought you a house gift.” he replied handing her a copy of Return to Cranford” she smiled going over to put it on her empty DVD shelf. Pride of place.

“Pass me a cigarette Luke darling” he took a cigarette out of the packet whilst Tom held up a lighter, Luke beats him to it and lights it for her.

“Luke is an absolutely brilliant friend and publicist. What’s Henry’s number Luke I want you to call him and tell him what a great actor Tom is”

Tom smiled at her comment going to ask how she knew he was a brilliant actor when she hadn’t seen him act when more guests arrived.

“So listen here JJ ”

“Its Tom”

“Is she or isn’t she?”

“Is she or isn’t she what?”

“A phony”

“I don’t think so”

“Your wrong, she is. She had an audition for a role in a film back in Paris a few years ago. I got a call the morning of the audition from Charlie saying she was in New York. I asked why she was in there, she said because she hadn’t been there before. I told her to get on a plane and get back here; she said she didn’t want to. I asked her what she wanted. She said she wanted she didn’t know what she wanted but when she did she would let me know. She rang me up a few months later saying that she had found her calling. Broadway. And now, here we are”

 The drinks and conversation flowed with Charlie and Tom smiling and stealing glances at each other throughout the night, sometimes having the odd conversation about what Tom got up to throughout the day.

Their conversation was interrupted by another guest arriving. This time in the form of a bubbly young woman dressed in a silver dress with a blonde pixie cut.

“Charlieeeeeeeee” she hollered around the room.

“Charlie, Charlieee darlinggg”

Tom looked at Charlie with a raised eyebrow. “Who’s that?”

“Kelly McDonald. Also known as my best friend who likes setting me up with rich men”

“Ah. She seems…bubbly”

Charlie chucked beside him just as Kelly came over kissing her on both of her cheeks.

“Kelly, this is Tom, my new neighbour” she smiled at him kissing both is cheeks aswell. “Aren’t you just the most gorgeous man everrrr” she cooed.

Oh god, she sounds just like Jennifer Tom thought. Something told him that Kelly and Jennifer would be great friends. Maybe go completely insane over how `gorgeous` he is together.

Tom excused himself to go and get another drink whilst Kelly introduced Charlie to another few of her many male friends she thought would be perfect for her.

There were two with her, one with brown floppy hair and the most beautiful blue eyes by the name of James and another by the name of Ben with gingery coloured hair and blue eyes. One thing was for certain, Kelly had certainly got the looks and eye colour perfect.

She found out that James was a writer who had just had his first novel published and that Ben was in a band and played the drums. Both seemed lovely but she could see Ben as more of a friend whereas she could see James as something more.

Tom looked on at his neighbor talking to both men. He felt a small tingle of something in his chest. Dislike? Jealousy? The Jameson he had drunk a few minutes prior? He blamed it on the Jameson because how could he dislike or feel jealous towards two men he barely knew, who were talking to a beautiful woman he barely knew?

His mind was made up just by seeing her talk to the men like that; the way she touched theirs arms when she was talking to them. He wanted to be the man she done that too. He was going to audition for the role of Paul Varjack and he was going to get to see and work with her everyday. He was going to break New York if it was the last thing he did. 

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