A Breakfast at Tiffany’s Style Romance-A Tom Hiddleston Fanfiction

A/N: For the anon who suggested the Breakfast at Tiffany’s prompt. Breakfast at Tiffany’s is one of my favourite films so I thought id take a crack at it.

Tom Hiddleston, a 25 year old actor with black curly hair and blue green eyes moves to New York to try and break into the film/ theatre industry as an actor. When he’s moving in to his flat he meets Charlotte (Charlie) Rhodes, a kooky 21 year old woman and Broadway actress who is also his neighbour. Will a romance blossom between the two or will they just remain friends?


2. Chapter 2

A Breakfast at Tiffany’s Style Romance 

Tom Hiddleston, a 25 year old actor with black curly hair and blue green eyes moves to New York to try and break into the film/ theatre industry as an actor. When he’s moving in to his flat he meets Charlotte (Charlie) Rhodes, a kooky 21 year old woman and Broadway actress who is also his neighbour. Will a romance blossom between the two or will they just remain friends?

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A Breakfast at Tiffany’s Style Romance 

Chapter 2:

A/N: I just wanted to thank everyone who liked the first chapter of this story it means so much and was the most notes I’ve ever gotten. Quite a few people in the past have said how alike Tom and JJ Field look so the reference of JJ is related to that. Hope you enjoy the second chapter. Lots of love <3


Charlie felt that her audition went well. She done all that she could, now she could do nothing but wait. She went and visited her Uncle Joe in the local prison just like she did every Thursday to let him know what she had been up to.


Joe was Charlie’s only family and had been put in prison for protecting her from her ex boyfriend Sean. Today’s visit consisted of her telling him about her audition and her new neighbour Tom, who she thought looked awfully like her friend JJ. He told her in return about the book he was reading and his awful cellmate.


Joe didn’t like being in prison but it was better for him to be there than get more years for attempting to kill Sean if he ever saw him again.


Every Thursday he asked her if she had met anyone, the answer was always the same, that she was looking for the right someone but that she had a date later that evening thanks to her friend Kelly who had set her up, yet again.


She left the prison half an hour later and spent the afternoon getting ready for the evening. He was coming round for takeaway and a movie. She found she felt more comfortable doing that than going to a restaurant.


Tom got settled into his new apartment with the help of Jennifer, much to him politely declining. He told her that he was quite capable of unpacking everything himself but she `insisted` as she would love to show him the city. The two ended up unpacking most of his things and ordered take away before the jetlag began to catch up with him and he fell asleep. Hopefully he would wake up in the morning and she would be gone. He made a mental note to phone his agent Ben and ask why the hell he couldn’t have bought the keys to Tom himself.


Charlie prepared for her date by taking a long hot bubble bath and changing into a pair of jeans and a leopard print top before setting the table for dinner. She didn’t use the table often; she usually sat infront of the TV watching rubbish on the TV. Not that there was ever anything on, she usually settled on one of her FRIENDS or Gilmore Girls box sets, but tonight, as she had company she thought she may as well set the table.


The Beatles Greatest Hits Album was playing quietly on the CD player. Atleast it would give her and her date something to talk about.


Liam Wood, a banker from the Upper East Side arrived a few minutes later baring Chinese food from Mr Yonoshi dressed in a dark blue shirt with a black blazer over the top, dark jeans and converse, his brown hair a mop atop of his head.


Charlie could kill her best friend Kelly for setting her up on these dates. None of them seemed to be her type. Yes, she told her she wanted someone rich, professions are usually right but Kelly clearly didn’t understand that she wanted someone good looking too, someone who enjoyed movies and books rather than someone who just spoke about work, like Liam.


He spent the whole entire evening talking about himself. Half way through her Chinese, Charlie excused herself to use the loo and snuck out of her bedroom window, up the fire escape to the flat of her new neighbour.


She looked in to see Tom fast asleep, his bare chest rising and falling as he slept soundly.


Jennifer suddenly came in to view. God, that woman. There was something about her that Charlie didn’t like, maybe because she was so fake with her blonde hair and big boobs. Tom didn’t look like the type of guy to go for girls like that, but what did she know?


Liam had begun shouting her name by now asking if she was ok and where she was.


She waited until Jennifer had kissed him on the forehead and left before she opened the window and let herself in to Tom’s apartment. She thought Liam would soon get bored and let himself out.


Tom stirred, shocked to see her. He looked around trying to get his barings, then he realised he was in his apartment in New York.


He looked over at Charlie a worried look on his face.


“It’s ok, we met this morning, Charlie Rhodes, I’m your new neighbour remember”




“She’s gone; she left a few moments ago.” Tom breathed a sigh of relief getting more comfortable in the bed. Charlie made her way closer into the room sitting down at Tom’s desk.

“You know, you do a lot like my friend JJ, haven’t seen him since I moved from Paris ofcourse, he’s a successful writer now you know. Do you mind if I call you JJ?” Tom looked at Charlie with a raised eyebrow.


“Erm sure. Forgive me, would you like a drink? It seemed the jetlag caught up with me quicker than I thought”


“That would be lovely.”


“Pass me my robe and I’ll get one for you”


“No, no, you stay right where you are; you looked so cosy in her before I so rudely interrupted you. It’s just that I had a terrible date and I had to get out of there before I fell asleep in my Chinese.”


Tom chuckled. “That bad huh? There should be a bottle of Jameson in the cupboard over there”


Charlie went over to the cupboard and took out the bottle of Jameson and two glasses filling them both before handing one to Tom.


“Yeah, I blame my friend Kelly. She seems to understand the money concept but not the looks concept”


Tom looked at her amused. “I see. How was the audition? I’m sure if they gave you the part based on looks alone. I was awfully amazed how lovely you looked as Miss Hepburn this morning”


“It went fine, I think. I was the only one who dressed as the part. Not sure if I over done it too much but we’ll see. So, what do you do?”


“I’m an actor, I guess”


“You guess. Don’t you know?”


Tom sighed. “Let’s just say it isn’t working out. Let’s say i`m an aspiring actor as no ones hired me since I filmed what’s in that box”


Charlie walked over to the box on his desk and pulled out a copy of `Return to Cranford`


“Return to Cranford starring Tom Hiddleston. Were you any good in it?”


“Take a copy and find out. All that education and drama training for nothing. My dad was right; maybe acting wasn’t the right career choice for me. I came out of RADA and got that role a few years later. I got told I’d get quite a lot of period and English roles. Quite a lot, yeah right. Try one. That one. It was a great time but I was kind of hoping it would go somewhere.” Tom sighed downing his Jameson in one.


“You know they’re auditioning for male leads to play Paul Varjack in a few days. You should go audition. This could be your big break”


“I don’t think so. Presides, if I can’t break London, why the hell would I break New York?”


“You’re not going to know unless you try, now are you?”


“I don’t know the film very well though, I’ve only seen a bit of it. Oh god, now I really am only an aspiring actor. Actors are meant to enjoy cinema and have seen every film in existence. The only film I can say I’ve seen more than once is JurassicPark”


“There’s no harm in trying and I could lend you the book and DVD if you want?”




“So who was your friend earlier?”


Charlie walked over to Tom’s bookshelf running her hand over the spines.


“Oh, Jennifer? She’s hardly my friend, more a friend of my agents, Ben. He thinks it’s hilarious ofcourse that he gets her to do the jobs for me that’s he’s meant to do, all because she has this huge crush on me. It creeps me out, she won’t leave me alone. She was the reason I broke up with my previous girlfriend, she was hanging around me far too much and Beth got jealous thinking I liked her back. She’s definitely not my type.”


Charlie pulled out a book of poems, flicking through it before making her way over to where Tom was laying on the bed and cuddling up to his outstretched arm.


“Would you read to me, JJ? It was one of my favourite past times, we used to sit near the river seine and he used to read me some of these poems” Tom nodded flicking to a random page and began reading aloud:

As I walked out one evening,
Walking down Bristol Street,
The crowds upon the pavement
Were fields of harvest wheat.

And down by the brimming river
I heard a lover sing
Under an arch of the railway:
'Love has no ending.

'I'll love you, dear, I'll love you
Till China and Africa meet,
And the river jumps over the mountain
And the salmon sing in the street,

'I'll love you till the ocean
Is folded and hung up to dry
And the seven stars go squawking
Like geese about the sky.

'The years shall run like rabbits,
For in my arms I hold
The Flower of the Ages,
And the first love of the world.'

But all the clocks in the city
Began to whirr and chime:
'O let not Time deceive you,
You cannot conquer Time.

'In the burrows of the Nightmare
Where Justice naked is,
Time watches from the shadow
And coughs when you would kiss.

'In headaches and in worry
Vaguely life leaks away,
And Time will have his fancy
To-morrow or to-day.

'Into many a green valley
Drifts the appalling snow;
Time breaks the threaded dances
And the diver's brilliant bow.

'O plunge your hands in water,
Plunge them in up to the wrist;
Stare, stare in the basin
And wonder what you've missed.

'The glacier knocks in the cupboard,
The desert sighs in the bed,
And the crack in the tea-cup opens
A lane to the land of the dead.

'Where the beggars raffle the banknotes
And the Giant is enchanting to Jack,
And the Lily-white Boy is a Roarer,
And Jill goes down on her back.

'O look, look in the mirror,
O look in your distress:
Life remains a blessing
Although you cannot bless.

'O stand, stand at the window
As the tears scald and start;
You shall love your crooked neighbor
With your crooked heart.'

It was late, late in the evening,
The lovers they were gone;
The clocks had ceased their chiming,
And the deep river ran on.

Charlie must have fallen asleep to the sound of Tom reading to her as she was awoken by the clock striking 5am. Tom didn’t stir. She looked at the view of the beautiful man fast asleep beside her, his head to one side, quiet snores escaping his lips as he slept the book of poems in his lap. She smiled. She didn’t want to leave but she knew she had to it; it would be odd if he woke up and found her next to him.

She slowly crept out of bed, remembering the scene and his face to memory before quietly opening the window and climbing out back to her flat.

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