Your *Not-so-everyday* Guide to Dragons

Title says it all...


3. Life Cycle

No-one knows how dragons came to earth, or where they are from, however a handful know about their lifecycle.  Dragons each hatch from eggs, which are pure white.  When they hatch, they are curled around another egg, which it is their job to protect for all their life, which is one of the main reasons that they are dying out, because they can't protect the eggs, so they die.  While they grow, the egg does too.  At the dragon's death, the egg hatches, never before or later.  After that, the cycle starts again.  If an egg is destroyed before the defending dragon's death, there will be no new dragon.  From the hatching moment, dragons usually live for about 120 - 180 years, although the oldest recorded was 301.  Dragons do not have genders, so never mate.

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