Your *Not-so-everyday* Guide to Dragons

Title says it all...


2. Appearance

How people picture dragons is often nonsense.  Some things that should be corrected are:

● Dragons are huge - No, they are not.  The largest dragon recorded was 60cm long.  They are usually about 30 - 40cm long, and that includes their tails, which are half of their total length.

● Dragons breathe fire - They don't really.  A silly superstition, that started when someone saw a dragon on a battlefield, surrounded by fire.  Sadly, that dragon was later consumed by the fire, which it happened to be trying to put out by breathing on it (RIP, friend)

● A dragon's scales are harder than diamonds - Sadly for dragons, their scales are very soft, and easily cut.

● Dragons have spike-crested spines - No, they don't, however they do have a line that runs from their snout to the tip of their tails.

● Dragons have wings - Technically, yes, however only once they've earned them.

● Dragons have sharp claws - No, not until they become elder dragons, or protectors.  Even then it takes a dozen diamonds to sharpen them.

● Dragons come in all colours - This only counts once they've earned their wings.

● Dragons are only ever one colour - Nope, they're all sorts of colours, and rarely, patterns!

So from this you should have a basic idea of what dragons look like.  They are small creatures that have soft scales and only have wings, colours and sharp claws once they have earned them.  The colours can be anything, and the same goes for patterns, although before they obtain their wings, every dragon is black.

P.S. this does not mean that your pet lizard is a dragon without its wings.

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