Anmeldelse af "Hair"

Dette er en anmeldelse af musicalen "Hair" - bemærk at anmeldelsen er skrevet på engelsk.


1. Hair


We are back in 1967, the time of the hippies, where people tried to live in peace and harmony.  The only exception is that we are watching the musical “hair” in a gorgeous building, Østre Gasværk.

Sanne Salomonson is in the musical, singing and dancing, but not as much as many people would have hoped for. She only sings 5 songs and is only on stage for a short amount of time. She has played a role in hair for 42 years now, and she is still doing a great job. Sanne plays the older version of Sheila, played by Sara Viktoria. Sara Viktoria also has a beautiful voice.

The actors are all very energetic and are trying their best to interact with the audience. Several times they come creeping into the audience, but as a watcher you’re not really sure if you’re supposed to be freaked out or if you’re supposed to be dragged into the year of 1967. Maybe it’s both.

In the first part of the show there is a lot of singing and dancing, but except for that the plot is non-existing, and if you have expected a deeper meaning, you’ll be disappointed when the intermission comes. But when the second part comes the show really starts and there is a storyline. Claude, played by Tim Skou, joins the Vietnam War, and he’s especially doing a good job in this part. We experience Claude in the war, shooting, and the effects and acting here is really intense and takes the musical to another level. It is also in the second part where there are a lot of nude scenes. Some of those scenes appear a bit out of place, yet they still add some “love” to the show.

The musical is beautiful to watch and the instructor, Kenneth Kreutzmann, has managed to use the building, Østre Gasværk, in the best way. The songs are translated into Danish, and you can sing along on 'Luk lidt solskin ind', 'Let at være hård' and 'Hår'. The songs aren’t bad in Danish, but there is no doubt that the original songs are better. Most people in Denmark would be able to understand the songs if they were in English. But then again, switching from Danish to English the whole show could also be confusing and annoying. If you want to experience the same atmosphere elsewhere in Denmark, as there was in the musical, then you should probably go to Christiania.

Overall the musical “Hair” is worth watching, but if you’re not the biggest fan of singing and dancing performances then you should skip it. Personally I don’t think it was a “must-see.” But if you want the nostalgic feeling of the late ’60s you shouldn’t miss out on this!

I will rate “Hair” 3 hearts out of 6.


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