what will he think

it all started when I was 5 I met a guy named Liam Payne now I just moved across the street from liam's house without even knowing and all the sudden there was a knock at my door


2. meet the boys and try nandos

Liams Pov 


i remember you know you  now   i want you to meet my friends come over to my place   so when she came over  Harry was starring at her like wow she is sexy and louis was watching the walking dead  

 niall was at the fridge looking for  nandos  and    zayn was   somewhere out  with perrie the house was silent   hi said ally  ello mate they said   liam whos this  said louis  this  is ally  ally meet  louis 

harry  and niall  and zayn louis where is zayn  said liam then all the sudden   zayn came in we all  

laughed i  fell down zayn scared me  but im  ok  and then they all asked  me to go to nandos 

they love nandos niall was already in the car when i said yes louis drived  harry was in the passenger seat and  i sat next to niall and ally zayn  sat  by himself thinking about perrie and i was thinking pf ally i wonder what she thinks of me  i said in my head  now practically  all the boys like her hey we re here   earth to liam   hello liam you there  oh sorry louis  i was just thinking  i said  about what  said louis 

nothing   i said  tell me said louis  NO i said and went  into nandos and i sat with  ally   and she was talking to her mom on  her cellphone and then she was happy because i was next to her 


Allys  Pov 

after i got off the  phone  with my mom liam was right next to me i   smiled and then he kissed my  cheek i blushed then he asked me  to  date  then i kissed his lips  and he kissed  me back   i love 

you  said liam  i love you to liam i said   then eleanor  and louis came    so thats what you  were thinking  about liam louis said  yep i was thinking about  her said liam   



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