what will he think

it all started when I was 5 I met a guy named Liam Payne now I just moved across the street from liam's house without even knowing and all the sudden there was a knock at my door


4. canada and hungry niall

  ally Pov 

so when the boys got back to their house they  had to go to simons beach house and  they were aloud to bring somebody on the tour around  the world and liam  chose me Louis  chose Eleanor  zayn took  perrie because  little mix was not on tour and niall  chose food and harry chose his ex that  i invited her they did speak to each other sometimes but she mostly hung out with me and liam the  tour bus was a doubledecker bus  and the tour bus have  5 bedrooms and   5 washrooms thank god me and liam shared one and Louis and Eleanor shared one and so did zayn and niall and  harry  wow the trip was long it felt like 3 hours going from  England to Ireland to the airplane to the next tour bus in Canada so long   it was so  non boring  because liam was there with me   and niall kept asking  where is a nandos and hey look there is a McDonald and a Starbucks  oh how im so hungry  LOUIS  can we stop for food im hungry  so now he asks louis instead of  liam    


Louis Pov  

who else is hungry except niall raise your hand ally  raised her hand  liam did to and so did  zayn harry was up in his room  hungry  as ever so we went to  a&w

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