Leave Me Alone ~ Completed

Jessie promised herself she would never forgive him. he left her and she was left taking the hits from her angry and drunk older brother Damen, but when her brother shows up with his bandmates will she ever be able to forgive her brother when her life changes and she becomes famous. Read the story and find out.


13. the results

It was the results. Who would get through to the final. There was only me, Union J and a duo little kitties. “the act going home is...” started reggie the presenter. “LITTLE KITTIES” I was through to the final. We all had a group hug and watched Little Kitties best bits. We were all crying. We were all such good friends. I only just realised that I was moving into the contestants house. The people in the final were me, Union J a girl called Ella. Two other groups called Red and Flying High and two other girls called Katie and Amy and a boy called Aiden. I was so happy. 

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