Leave Me Alone ~ Completed

Jessie promised herself she would never forgive him. he left her and she was left taking the hits from her angry and drunk older brother Damen, but when her brother shows up with his bandmates will she ever be able to forgive her brother when her life changes and she becomes famous. Read the story and find out.


14. the final

it was the final. i was so scared. i was singing another of my songs. i was backstage with Union J. it was right before an announcement. one of the members, Jack, had to leave so they were introducing a new member. they had been practising together for the past week, but i hadn't met him yet.

"so Union J's new member is.. GEORGE SHELLEY!!" Said Reggie. i gasped, George waled onto the stage. the rest of the boys ran on and Reggie asked them a couple of questions. they came back stage and Reggie said. "and our first act of the night, it's Eleanor," i walked on stage and picked up my guitar. i adjusted the microphone and started to sing. i was going to sing a cover of Hurts so good. (you tube it). once i had finished. i received a standing ovation. i have to admit i did cry. this was my dream. i thanked the judges and ran backstage. i ran up to Union J and hugged all of them apart from George. Josh said "do you have a problem with George?" i nodded.

'He cheated on me with my worst enemy," i said. and with that they walked on the stage and Josh was throwing glares at George for the whole performance. they ran off and Josh sat in the corner.

"Joshy, I'm sorry i ruined your performance," i said and hugged him

"it's not that. i just can't believe that he would do that." he replied


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