Leave Me Alone ~ Completed

Jessie promised herself she would never forgive him. he left her and she was left taking the hits from her angry and drunk older brother Damen, but when her brother shows up with his bandmates will she ever be able to forgive her brother when her life changes and she becomes famous. Read the story and find out.


7. the contest

Louis's P.O.V: "so are you going to enter the contest then," Eddie asked Jessie

"suppose," she replied.

"have you got a song," he asked her

"yeah, wrote it myself," she boasted. they both laughed. ran in and shouted "CAN I HEAR YOUR SONG."

"christ Louis you gave me a frickin heart attack," Jessie moaned.

"sorry, can i hear it," i said quieter.

"yeah sure," she said and started strumming her guitar


“people say we shouldn't be together

we're too young to know about forever

but I say they don't know what they're talk talk talkin about


coz this love is only getting stronger

so I don't wanna wait any longer

I just wanna tell the world that your my boy, ohh


they don't know about the things we do

they don't know about the I love you's

but I bet you if they only knew they will be jealous of us

they don't know about the up all night's

they don't know i've waited all my life

just to find a love that feels this right.”

she sung the rest and once she'd finished we both clapped. she went bright red. 

"is it about you and George?" eddie said

"shut up," she said and pushed him off of the shop counter.

"what's all the clapping about?" asked Harry.

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